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Rimmel Rockin Curves advert

Rimmel's new TV ad for Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves featuring Freaks by Dirt Box Disco!

Rebellion Festival Blackpool

Were playing on the Olympia 2 stage, at 5:20pm this Saturday. Hope to see all you Dirt Box rockers there x

Album launch show


I have a feeling its gonna be busy! Can't wait Dirt Box Rockers x

Give us your vote! x Dirt Box Rockers x

I dont wanna go out with you is still rocking out in the Alternative Top20 Charts by the listeners of Music World Radio! We need your help to keep us there, Please check out the link below, and give us your vote to keep us in the charts x Dirt Box Rockers x

Music World Radio's Alternative Top 20 Charts


Alternative Chart of Top 20 Choons ranging from hardcore punk over indie rock to reggae, trance and techno. The chart is 100% listener decided

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I don't wanna go out with you has been nominated for this weeks Top 20 Chart on Music World Radio. This is a new track from our new album due for release on 18th of June. Please check it out and if ya like, vote for Dirt Box Disco ! x Dirt Box Rockers x Check out the Top20 & Vote at: http://www.topchoons.com

Check out Tragic Roundabout Video!

Tragic Roundabout - Released - 20th June 2011 - From the forthcoming yet to be named Dirt Box Disco - EP..

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Psycho has been nominated for this weeks Alternative Top20 on Music World Radio. The Alternative Top20 Chart is LIVE and voting has started. Check out the Top20 & Vote at: http://www.topchoons.com Read more: http://messaging.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=mail.readmessageV3&userID=506867167&type=Inbox&messageID=33410272#ixzz0zyShWI14


DIRT BOX DISCO - MERCHANDISE NOW AVAILABLE. BADGES - £0.50 each STICKER - £0.50 each PACK = (including 5 BADGES + 2 STICKERS) - £2.50 T-SHIRT - £8.00 each 0r 2 for £15.00 Available in 5 colours. BLACK,ARMY GREEN,DARK CHOCOLATE,NAVY BLUE, PURPLE (picture = DARK CHOCOLATE) Most sizes in every colour Available. ALBUM - £3.00 each. (self produced and financed 15 tracks) no fancy art work just rock n roll! if your interested in any of the above items, please contact us here or e-mail us at the address below for more info, ways to pay etc please e-mail us at :- dirtboxdisco@myspace.com THANK YOU VERY MUCH! DIRT BOX DISCO

Gig Tonight

Dirt Box Disco has a show coming up on 2010-05-07 at 20:00 @ The Wagon & Horses in Birmingham.

Gig Tonight!

Looking forward to tonights gig! Were playing the Appleby in Burton! Were ready to put on a show! Everyones Welcome!