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Blog #2

So I've noticed already it has been awhile since I posted anything in here. As I had said before I'm not really much of a blogger. What is new and going on you may wonder? Well I have put out a few more songs on Reverb, they have yet to make it to soundcloud but they will shortly. I'll be going on a trip next week for a little down time. Gonna road trip it to BC with some friends and let my head take a rest for a bit and then when I return I shall have many new Ideas for you guys.

Just Starting The Blog

I'm really just writing this out right now because I would like my profile to be "100%" complete according to the site. The reason being is because I really don't know how to use a blog properly. I was never good at writing out my thoughts or having amazing stories to tell so I never really tried it. But I guess some of them are like this were, I am writing somethings out and asking you guys questions or just explaining what's going on in this moment of time. Perhaps I will give it a shot for a bit and see if it get's anywhere.