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10/31/07-- sketches

and another tuesday on wednesday blog

today i'm excited. for a few reasons. 1. i bought a harmonica. a chromatic one like stevie wonder plays. i really want to learn how to play it. not sure if i'll use it on my records, but i just need to know, out of respect for stevie, how to play it. i was trying it out in traffic today at a stoplight. got a funny look from the girl beside me. i was also wearing sunglasses and shaking my head back and forth.

2. i found this tourvan on craigslist that i hope i can buy....it's kinda expensive, and i don't really have the money to buy a conversion van at the moment, but it is PIMP. i might start sleeping in that van if i buy it. it's way cooler than my bedroom. we'll see. don't get my hopes up.

3. Most excitingly, I got a call from my buddy Tim in Omaha, NB today--he said that he was meandering through the Omaha Barnes and Noble and started chatting with the guy at the music counter. Low and behold, on the counter, an advance copy of Let The Woman. He had been listening to it (never heard it before), digging on it, and was about to put it in the store's overhead CD player. That made my day. So huge props to that music counter guy in the Omaha B&N!! I love you and I don't even know you. That gives me an idea---make friends with the B&N music counter people---if they are supporters and play my cd in the stores for all to hear, give them a hug or something. In fact, take a picture with them, send us a link, and we'll put it up in these blogs. Those guys have the power to pick the music in the stores, and with a little lovin from you guys, they can jump on the bandwagon and help out a ton---littl bit of in-store recruiting!! (PLAN IN REVIEW: 1. Make friends with them. 2. Get em to listen to Let The Woman. 3. Encourage them to play it in the store as much as they can stand!! 4. If they agree, take your picture with them (with their permission) and get their name (plus nickname if they like). 5. Upload it to a site like photobucket and send a link to my myspace messages. 6. Check in and see yourself)

Ok, that was a lot of instruction, but i think it could be fun. At very least, ask them if they've listened to the record when you're checking out and buying it.

Ok so this video is kinda special---I included snippets of tracks from the new album.....including some brand new, unheard tracks.....AND.....i made drawings to go with them. sort of. hope you like it.


sorry for yelling. i love you guys.


10/23/07-- weird

so i'm in los angeles at the moment.....filming some commercials for the barnes and the noble......

i actually flew in last night into burbank right above the brush fires on the mountains....pretty crazy...especially when you realize how far up you are, and how big the fires look even from that height....pretty crazy. it's also kinda crazy to me that the fires were burning in the same pattern that a front yard would burn if you set the grass on fire.....kinda like little walls of flames going outward in all directions, slowly crawling outwards in a circle....crazy

even today the sky is kinda orange/brown....pretty weird

so in spite of that......today was actually an exciting day, because.....i got the first copies of Let The Woman in hand....pretty exciting! feels good to hold the final product of a long time of work in your hands....

so i realized last night that i needed a video for today, and didn't have one.....so...what do you do when you need to be creative on the spot? find a funny hat and some glasses, then walk backwards around the house and make up random words to a song. Then put the video in your computer, decide that the song was a little too random and spooky, and then replace the sound with one of the new radiohead songs.....then cut it up a little bit and make it slow motion to make it even more spooky and weird.....then realize at the end that you've created some kind of disturbing music video that doesn't really go anywhere, and only is for the creepy factor....and then think to yourself, "maybe i shouldn't upload this".....

then decide to go ahead and upload it.....i got an idea for a future video thing from it, so it wasn't worthless.....you gotta just follow the creative impulse in those situations, even if it leads you to some place that's going to make you look like a weirdo....there might be something to glean from it all


10/16/07-- fake spanish

'm impressed with people who can fake spanish really well....i think it's a gift. a very useful one. not for communicating with spanish speakers, i guess, but for impressing nonspanish speakers. I wish i could speak spanish fluently. if i could fluently fake spanish, that would be cool as well

this whole conversation is probably ridiculous to people who speak spanish as their native language....who obviously know english as well (if you're reading this, you understand english), and probably 3 other languages....all of a sudden i'm feeling kinda like a dummy american who only speaks english and thinks it's funny to fake other languages.....that's pretty much all i've said in this blog so far isn't it......hmmmm maybe i should've taken a different approach to the video

all this "Let the Woman" madness is fun.....glad you guys are digging on it...my mom says it's one of my best songs thus far, so you have to trust that opinion. mama don't lie

i had a long trip to starkville, MS this past week.....i stopped at a gas station somewhere in Mississippi and bought 2 cassette tapes---beach boys hits and the drifters hits......brought me back to childhood...i think i actually had that actual Drifters tape.....

i forgot about how on side 2 of cassette tapes, sometimes the songs don't make it all the way to the end of the tape, so you have like 5 minutes of blank hiss before it turns back over to the other side again.....weird. i wonder how that made people make decisions on sequencing albums back then.....imagine if you had to listen to 30 minutes of blank noise at the end of a cd.....maybe it's good, b/c it let's the music kinda drain out of your head, so that when it comes back on, you're ready to hear it again.....a breather before you go to round 2....

ok it's ridiculously late right now....almost 4am.



tuesday happens on wednesday this week. i'm not late i promise.

so the tour just ended with tyler james and our collective band, the biv. kinda sad to end such a fun run....no matter who you go on tour with, you kinda end up getting close......i guess you have to when you're sharing beds or squished together in vans for long periods of time. a person you don't know really well ends up being a really cool dude....then you don't really mind when they fall asleep beside you and their head falls on your shoulder. i'm man enough to admit that. i think

i didn't need to lay my head on anyone's shoulder, though, because before leaving, i invested in a space age neck pillow. this thing is inflatable, and battery powered.....it actually has little vents on the sides of the face area that not only blow air into your face to keep you cool as you sleep, but also put out "ions" or something that supposedly keep dust and bacteria away from your nose and mouth, purifying the air you breathe as you sleep. AMAZING.

at least it was in theory. it never really made me feel amazing to be honest.....i think i over-inflated it, making my head push forward at a 90 degree angle when sitting up.....and also, i didn't realize that the material it was made of acts like a winter scarf, so your bent neck starts sweating like gymshorts......also, the vents apparently shot air up my nose so much that my whole throat was as dry as a bone when i woke up.....

if it weren't for my lower lunbar pillow i also bought (which also is conveniently made out of winter fleece or something), i might have been miserable.....

so in case you haven't gotten the bulletins and stuff yet, my new album is now available at www.bn.com!! i'm pretty pumped. not as pumped as my mom when i told her---i happened to be on the phone with her.....right next to her oprah book club is my record....haha. proud moment. now if i could just get on oprah for a chat i could really move some cds!!

here's the link in case you don't have it:


ok it's like 230am here in nashville....i should be hitting the sack....if you guys have topics you'd like me to discuss in future blogs, make a request---as long as it's not politics or how to talk to you kids about the birds and the bees, i'll try and make a stab


10/2/07-- on tour with tyler james

so i'm out on tour with my good friend tyler james.....swinging thru texas to hit up the main cities.....handing out paste magazines at every stop......magazines and love. tyler and I are also sharing a band for the tour.....they call themselves The Biv (www.thebiv.com)

we had a day off today in the houston/woodlands area of texas....went and saw that western movie, 310 to yuma. we were literally the only people in the whole theater. it was one of those old school long ones....no stadium seating or anything. it was kinda liberating.....got to make our cellphones ring really loudly just for fun.....gallop around the front of the theater when there were horse scenes.....yell at the screen.....all good fun. also walked around the nearby mall. i got new running shoes and headphones. ihave a weakness for headphones.....i can always talk myself into buying a new pair...different types of headphones fit different types of situations....1 for every situation actually....so now i have a pair that is somewhat hi def quality, yet grip on my ear for exercising, so now i can approve mixes of new tracks while jogging.

this week's video: i have to admit, i upgraded my iMovie thing last night, and went to edit this video, and in the new version, all the controls are moved around.....so i kept the video kinda basic.....just threw in all the good footage we've been compiling from the last couple days of tour.....i guess "good" footage is a relative term---good could mean totally random and without any purpose whatsoever.

anyway.... fun. good times. on our way to hit houston, austin, dallas, waco, baton rouge, and birmingham over the next 7 days.....so come find us.

ChickenBucket Tour PART 4!

So Josh and I decided to kick Nathan off the tour. Then we asked him to join again.

Here's how it happened.