Studio update

All drums, bass, and rhythm guitar tracks have been laid down. Lead vocals as well. We hope to have lead guitar tracks and backing vocals done soon, as well as our guest guitar and vocal tracks. Those of you who have heard the rough tracks know this is gonna be brutal when its done.


Everyone, you can now download the CURSED app to access all things CURSED related...from show dates to sample tracks & band news.

Studio Update

Well, finally last week we started the process of recording our new album. We're being recorded by Jesse at the Ice Chamber in Modesto, CA. Scotty finished drum tracks last Monday and we've got Jaime and Drew doing guitar tracks tonight.We should be finishing with bass tracks and vocals next week with 2 special guests coming in to lay down leads for a favorite cover of ours. Soon, people, soon....you'll have a new disc from CURSED.

Website updates.

The Official site has been updated with new "live" pics! go check em out. http://www.cursed1.com