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Our Big Week in This Town

Well, this is the week we've all been waiting for. Our album should be available for on-line purchase over the next few days on iTunes, Amazon, Zune and others. Also, we just got word that the hard copies will be here on Monday!! On top of all that our CD premiere event is happening this Friday at the Eagles in Bozeman...what a week! We'll be back to the Eagles on Saturday and then the following week, December 11 at the Murray Bar in Livingston to continue our week long CD release party! Thanks to all for the continued support!

New Beginnings

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us through the last two years. We've gone through a lot of changes both with personnel and songs, but most of all we look forward to creating some great original music and revisiting some of our favorite classics. We also are very excited about the upcoming release of our first full-length album this fall. Stay tuned for more details about upcoming shows and the big release party!