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Room for Improvement

The point of comments on the profile page is to give an honest evaluation of a band or an artist's music and or performance. (ie.), The quality of the sound on our page is lacking, though the music itself is good overall. We work to improve that aspect of our page. Some of the comments I have read on artist's pages lack the proper guidance and instruction to another artist's overall performance. Please don't over praise an artist, (though their good points should be mentioned first), but give them room for the improvements that are necessary in their overall performances, and be honest if you believe the artist needs to improve in one area or another. A true artist is not afraid to hear an honest evaluation of the music that they offer. If their feelings are hurt by some amount of proper criticism, don't worry, it will be of benefit to them in the greater sense later in the goals they want to achieve. All Love Intended.

Giving and receiving support.

At times, I have to admit that I'm not always as supportive of friends and fellow musicians as I would care to be. I may fail to express my gratitude for the work that goes into the quality music that we share with our fans on ReverbNation. I want to take an opportunity to say thank you to my fellow artists and members of Westside Hilton. Without you, there would not be the kind of music that is being listened to throughout the world today. Thank you for your dedication and your great years of service. I also want to express my gratitude to all of the fans of Westside Hilton, whom have supported us from the start, and kept us on the top chart positions locally for well over a year now, and high in the national charts for an equal period of time. It is indeed a great honor to be supported by you, and I'm deeply touched by your Love for our music. C. Jacobs.

Giving Inspiration

I don't think there is anything more rewarding than, giving inspiration to the youth in America and around the world, with the gift of music. Look for your child's ability early in their life. Encourage them in all their efforts, inspire them to do their best, and give them every bit of yourself. Love them all the more when they struggle, and celebrate with them in their acheivements. You are the future as well.

The Heart Of The Matter.

I'm sure that most of you would agree, that the reason we use ReverbNation is because we want to shear our passion and the gifts we have with each other. Recently however, some very unpleasant monsters have come out of their hidy holes, and their vicious nature is making true artist's lives miserable. Through intimidation, and unfounded accusations, this very small minority of individuals distort the truth,and attack other artists. Such behavior is pety,and unacceptable. I encourage you to report such abuses, and take a stand against this small group of nerdowells. The heart of the matter for most of us is, the love and the music we have to shear, It's not a win at all cost mentality that will bring you true success,, It's your gift that has already made you a success.

Giving Love and encouragemnet in trying times

In trying times, it is sometimes hard to find the courage to move forward. As the bombs fall, fear seems to take hold, and forces us to hide our heads,and we can be easily confused as to which way to turn. One thing I have learned through the many years of sometimes devistating life experiences is, there is really no place to go but "FORWARD", because there is no life in the past. There is only life ahead, and getting there takes alot of courage and determination. I believe you have it all by trusting in God, and letting Him lead the way. Be still, and know that He is in control. Let go and Let God be who he is. Have faith and go forward in His strength.AMEN: C. Jacobs:

Rising Higher, Reaching farther

The past several years ,The Westside Hilton Band has strived to reach higher and farther in it's goals to create and produce quality original music, along with a unique sound and lyrics that speak to the common person heart to heart. As we progress, and rise higher, and reach farther, we hope you will go with us, and enjoy every minute of our trip together. Love, from: The Members of Westside Hilton