Screaming At The Silence / Blog

February 23rd,2013

We cannot wait to tear up St Pete's State Theatre with our boys Worlds Divide, A(k)new, E-Merge, and Clenchfist! It will be a wild night of Shock and Awe!


Well, for starts, it has been a wild ride. We broke up over a year ago, but.... WE'RE BACK!!!!!!! This time with some of the original members. "the" Mike Liguori (vocals) is re-joined by his brothers Dani "never really had a nickname" Berrios (guitar), Robert "Urge" Davis, Jr. (drums),and Josh "Get Money" Monell. Puff (bass) will be joining S@TS for a reunion show that is yet to be announced. All is well in the camp. The best part of the time apart was we all grew as people and musicians. Looking forward to tearing up the music scene again. To everyone out there... YOU H@VE BEEN W@RNED!!!!! ~ Mike S@TS