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Jack and Willow Piano Books


I’ve been a piano teacher for decades and have finally written the kids piano book I have wanted to teach from but couldn't find out there!

The book is built around two children, laid back Jack and bossy Willow. Their pets, vain moggy Pop and lovable dog Zen feature strongly. All music is based on them and their every day life. Pages are enlivened with quirky illustrations and cheeky banter. A story runs throughout the book, starting with a challenge and ending with the exciting conclusion.

As the student enters the world of Jack and Willow, there's a world of merchandising too! Buy T shirts, music bags, pencils, posters, manuscript books etc Who wouldn't want a T shirt of Zen meditating?!

Teaches Classical, jazz and improvising. How to read music and play by ear

Masses of extra content. How to compose, improvise, theory, games, quizzes, exercises, aural, beat boxing and many more great musical ideas.

Practical and inspirational advice about effective practice for students. Tips for parents on how to give their child the best help and guidance also.

Simple, yet in depth and understandable ways of explaining many subjects.

Advice for teachers how to use this book.

The complete series will include 4 books. Jack and Willow. Beginners Piano Book 1 and 2 for children. Also, Jack and Willow. Beginners Piano Book 1 and 2 for adults ( the adult version )

This book has not been published yet. I am looking for a publisher. Contact me with any enquiries.

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Vegans Rule OK!

London Vegan Festival at Kensington Town Hall this Saturday 17th August......

Oh Yeah

2014 starts with a gig for Nonclassical. All systems agogo

Piano Lessons Available

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Pyramid Resonance

I watched a great video on Youtube that proposes that the pyramids were built as resonant scientifically geometric structure that emitted sound frequencies over the earth..maybe to keep it peaceful!.....the physics of the evidence is compelling

Burn, burn, burn...

The only people for me are the ones who are mad to live. The ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars

In the NOW

The most successful artists and performers are totally 'present' when they perform. This adds energy to what they do...


He who controls the food, controls the world. Monsanto has evolved this principle even further....the Corporation who owns the seed, contols us all.

Quentin and Morrissey

Some people are ART. Charisma is the ability to influence without logic. Who said what??!