Down In Hollywood / Blog

Even though this is a new site, D.I.H is still alive and kickin' in downtime!

Hello all, It is great to see all of the support a band like D.I.H can still have after all of these years. Considering this is a new site and doesn't contain the old numbers, it is exciting to know the world still loves D.I.H and we still love you! Hang in there, we allow others to pretend to rock but all they are doing right now is "baby-sitting" the crown until ANGEL and the boys of D.I.H return to re-claim the Rock crown at will!

"Down In Hollywood" has finally begun!

Over the next year "D.I.H" will release songs and Music Video's with Oulaw Films LLC to help get the All proceeds from downloads are going toward the FEATURE FILM productions. Go to: www.youtube.com/DOWNINHOLLYWOOD to watch all the music videos and as always, leave us comments while telling everyone to ROCK D.I.H!