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Meeting our own Luther Perkins

A few years back when we were in another band me and The Doctor of Percussion were looking for a new picker. Our young boy Sethro Turner was heading to Boston. Hell if I know why any seemingly smart young southern boy would leave these parts and head up into the land of bastards and assholes, but he did. Anyhow, we heard there was this country boy, fireman who was playing at local hot spot and beer haven Sadlacks with some boys calling themselves the Traveling Pillsburys. I liked the name. But once we arrived, there he was a tunin' that six string and I looked down and gandered upon those shoes he was wearing. They were white. Blinding white. Loafers. Big ole weave pattern. I took a swig of my PBR and told Randy "I don't care if he can play that guitar or not, if he wears those shoes he's in the band." Lucky for us he can pick it. And he loves Luther Perkins sound. And he wears the shoes!

David Melvin Gresham
David Melvin Gresham  (over 5 years ago)


Hotter than a pepper sprout

Yeah, it's hot. But as summer winds down JF4 is winding up and getting the later summer and fall gigs on the calendar. We start with a tune up at Deep South the Bar with a short set Saturday, Aug 6; we'll hit the stage at 10pm.

This Saturday

You won't hear any self-indulgence, whiny-ass alt-country crap this weekend at Ray Price Harley-Davidson's Brunswick Stew Cook Off to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Nope. JF4 will be playing from 11—2. That's all Cash and country-fried for three hours. Come out; pig out; Cash out. And make sure your leather is black.


This Saturday Night

The festivities begin at 10pm when we hit the stage at Deep South the Bar (430 S Dawson St; Raleigh). Doors open at 7pm if you want to get lubricated before we crank up. Russ Varnell will hit the stage a little later with his version of straight out Bakersfield influence steak-fried country. Then Kennebec (?) (tell the truth, I don't know much about 'em). Anyway, I suspect they'll be selling PBRs so we'll have a damned good time. C'mon, go with us.

From the Southland to Deep South

This weekend found us with our old friends Hank Sinatra and new friends Porter Hall, Tennessee at the crowded Southland Ballroom right here in the heart of Raleighwood USA. This coming Saturday (March 5) we'll join another new friend Russ Varnell and his Too Country band for a little shindig that would be welcomed in eastern NC or Bakersfield, CA--we call it the "if this ain't country I'll kiss your ass" tour. This is the first venue. There or square. You decide.

Walking the line, JF

Announcing the Swampy Tonk Tour

We're excited to be heading down to the famous Port City area— Wilmington NC— for two shows the end of July. On Friday night, July 30 we'll be playing at the Ocean Grill and Tiki Bar at Carolina Beach— a really cool spot right on the ocean. Music starts at 6pm and ends at 9pm, so plan accordingly. Good food and great tropical drinks. Then, the next night (Saturday; July 31), will find us at the Duck & Dive on Dock Street just a couple of blocks from the Cape Fear River right downtown, mofo. Things will start hopping a little later there and go on a little later into the night. We'll be pleased as punch to see you at both shows, or either one. Or, if you're having fun, well... do that instead! Stay up to date by checking on the SHOWS part of this website or join us on Facebook or... well, hell... you'll figure it out. All our fans are freakin' geniuses!

I'll have the Dr Frank's special

We're playing Sadlacks this coming Saturday night. We've been wanting to play this venue for several years now. This is where we first saw and heard David Gresham play. Not that how he played mattered. We were looking for a replacement lead guitar player for the Swingin' Johnsons and when we saw the white loafers Gresh was wearing I looked at Randy and said "I don't care if he can play or not, he's in the band!"

Hope to see you Friday night.

— Burney