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The Pouncing Shark

The time has come to where I must feed the hungry. Have you been patiently waiting on my next project. Waiting to see what comes next. The answer is here. My next album will be the biggest and best yet. It will be titled.. "The Pouncing Shark". Right now me and my team are looking at a few release dates mid 2016. A storm is coming.

Love Me Today... Hate Me Tomorrow

So... the wait is over. My new album is here and you wanna know how to get it. Easy.. you can purchase the "SE" version of it on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play & snapshot your purchase to lyricooltv@gmail.com for the full free mixtape of "Love Me Today, Hate Me Tomorrow. If you would prefer a hard copy of my CD then just email lyricooltv@gmail.com with the number of copies and a shipping address and an invoice will be sent to you for online payment for your CD's to be mailed to you.