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He Has Favored Me

He has made me to cry rivers of tears and yet stand tall. He has let me stumble and yet he has never let me fall He has given me a disc to cover me when the blows came down upon my head, yes he protected every swing, you can't tell me that my Lord do not stand by me.

He stood by my side when I could not take another step alone. He pushed me on on when I found out that I knew that my life was not as it seemed no more. and tho I cried myself to sleep every night He guarded my every sound as he wiped my tears away

you can't tell me I stand alone when I reach, and see no one, I know there is someone there you just don't know and when this day comes to a end and I just don't stand no more he guards my sleep and my place with his love and more. He has showed me how to fight and win without a bruise or a scrape I will never lose. With my Lord on my side and my Angel standing by what you thought you did just fired back on you.

Now I stand here with tears because I may have lost my love my dear. but I will never choose the darkness over light for you my dear.

So When I lay down to sleep at night I lay in peace, I lay in peace.

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Hey they said the said the worls was going to end 2012, but they also said that 2000 and guess what they only tell us half truths. Something did happen to this world many people dont beleive like many people say I'm crazy. really I dont care one way or another. something did happen. In the book called the bible the revelation happened.But we didnt see it while we was loking for Jesus to come down on a clould and scoop us up. The Devil took over for a while. so now My Angel have to fight to keep us safe. you may not want to hear or read this and I dont care. but the truth is this world has gone through so much bad on the last 13 or more years you dont want to see it. dont. I will continue to be me and you can continue to be you. I still love you. I pass judgement on none . thats not my job. My job is singing so Im going to finish my CD just thought I would throw out that information to those who dont want to see with their eyes wide open.

Love you all


What a feeling....

Rain washes down the window pane but still leaves pieces of my life dangling from the shingles no one fixed. How can you expect me to move up, move on when you wont let go of my foot. How i want to kick you off the ledge and watch you fall. but it wont do my soul any good and i still will feel the pain. I must leave this place and find my spot in Heaven where I belong. I listen to the Rain washing against my window pane and still it lingers and flash the past in my face, Enough already! I have seen and heard and felt all of your egotistc bull shit... just let go of me... to think I was so happy for my Angel that I gave you the first look...The first hold... That was suppose to be mine... and again you had the last.... I dont know how you wake in the morning... or go to sleep at night.... Here comes the rain again this time washing away the tears that flows down my face each and everyday Something no one can take away from me!

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There was exciting entertainers interviewed this weekend at the Video lounge.. Many of the Host and Hostess was amazing.. This year we truly missed Ryan Wolosky... He was there in spirit.. He put lots of hard work and dedication along with many others who were there, to making the Video Room what it is every year and looking forward to seeing him back there Next Year... Love you Ryan 3


Onyxrai is now OMJ PRODUCTIONS

if your looking for great photographers look no more... here they are... 3

The love I lost

The night was good and was getting ready to go out with a friend and my phone was ringing off the hook.. a number unknown.... a voice unheard to my ears... a scream... I never want to hear again... I fell to the floor I called my Family but no one was home. I felt my heart in my throat....


I walked right out of the delusion that was... Into the flowing creation that is... Ever ready to slip into a new day!... Washing my body with rays of the sun... Beating down upon my skin, turnin it from light to golden brown..... Letting my hair down... Turning the Music up that is playing in my head... Ever ready to turn on the Mic on and let out the smooth sounds of Ms.India.M

I Hate You...

I hate you more and more each day, I don't why i'm even talking to you.. I should just turn and walk away... I just wanted to let you know what you did to me and everyone else that tries to enter these doors.. the're slammed tight, nailed up.. with anger, and hate, things I don't want to feel no more... Why am I wasting my time telling you this you really don't care your a cold hearted bitch... I hate you... I hate you... I hate you.... I hate you......


Touch my heart and feel the beat, the rythum of a drum, the dance of the forgotten, and the memory of it all. Touch my heart and know that it is pumping love into the universe, swaying to the test of time, holding on to a entity that is not mine. Touch and let the tear drops roll over your fingers as you wipe the pain away, and ever so softly kiss destiny on the lips leaving a stain of neverthless a broken promise. Touch the hunger in the pit of desire......


amazing how you give yourself so freely full of love.... to find out how much time was wasted on dreams that will never come true... Now im not one to give up on my dreams but when you have given all you have, then the one you think is the one that will be there for ever. Reality of words that cut so deep penatrate into the heart, you know it was a waste of time, scattered pictures, memories of how... was that a lie too... Amazing! what time can do.... tied up, bonded, wall built so high... Guarded by the pit of my stomach that aches and the eyes that wont cry! Amazing!