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Accepting Submissions for the "Music Hustle" 4th Edition

Artist be amoungst the top names in the industry (Flo Rida, Ying Yang Twins, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and more) as well as top independent names, and be apart of the next edition of the "Music Hustle" compilation. 1st step is submitting your track to BrosMusic@live.com for approval. 2nd step, if accepting you will have to pay a $50 placement fee which will guarantee your placement on the album. This payment is to be made via PayPal.com to GangstaIslandRecords@hotmail.com - DO NOT submit your song if your not Ready & Able to make payment if approved.

TRUE Magazine

I am a sales rep for TRUE Magazine. Artists/Labels/Clothing Companies/Retail & Wholesale Outlets/etc...Needing advertisement on a national level, contact me. Tony aka T-Loc the Boss (352) 848=5113 BrosMusic@live.com