Limited Edition Vinyl Release !!!!

Rock band Eden Burning to release limited edition vinyl

Eden Burning is a hard rock band with a love for classic influences, but with a focus on an edgy, modern blend of sound. Echoing the rock and roll grandeur of Led Zeppelin, as well as the stadium-sized melodies of Guns N Roses, Eden Burning are making their way through the music scene, one riff at a time. Their sound is as aggressive and potent as you would expect from your favorite rock bands, while maintaining a very melodic edge that shines a light on the skills and talents of these musicians, who have been in the game for quite some time now!

One of the most striking things about the band’s distinctive sound, is the way the blend their classic hard rock vibes with a touch of 80s (think Motley Crue) and with shades of punk rock (Think Social Distortion), going for a very direct and personal sound.

The band is releasing a limited edition vinyl, featuring 200 copies of their recent work. The release, titled Banged Up N Dirty can be pre-ordered through the Crowd funding site ‘I Want My Vinyl’ @iwantmyvinyl.

Find out more and listen: https://iwantmyvinyl.com/record/eden-burning-banged-up-n-dirty https://iwantmyvinyl.com/interviews/eden_burning/

" A peek into my childhood playing guitar "

The year was 1976 when KISS first came into my life. It was at a store called KRESS in downtown San Antonio when I was just 7 years old. I was shopping with my dear grandma , her name was Margaret Goff, wife of my grandpa Robert Goff. My grandpa was of German descent and my grandma was of Mexican descent. She was a funny old grandma with a hot headed temper whom I loved very much . I was raised with my grandparents most of my life as my mother had a hard time raising me alone when she had me. You see my real father whom I got my name from , I am the third , ran off like a scared chicken when my mom was pregnant with me and I was left fatherless most of my child years. My mom Janie Goff whom I am very close to went through a few bad marriages until she settled with my step dad Cruz De La Rosa whom she has been happily married to for many years and is a wonderful human being.I have two half sisters Rachel Hernandez and Leticia Berain , and one half brother Arthur Berain whom are all married and live out of state.My grandma was cool ,She let me pursue music throughout my years living with my grand parents and it all began here at this store when I turned the corner looking for items to throw in our shopping basket one day while running errands. I stopped cold when I noticed a vinyl record rack of LPs . I stared at this one vinyl record for a long time , the cover had four very scary looking painted faces on them and I could not put this record away , I was intrigued. The album was called DESTROYER, The cover was anarchy , a flaming city in the background and these super hero characters with there fists held high . What was this ? I had to know . I asked my grandma if i could have the record , She kind of stared at the vinyl record in disgust and did not know what I was trying to purchase, Funny thing was I had no idea either how this piece of art was going to affect me for the rest of my life.She said yes but I better keep my grades up or it was going in the trash . This was a common phrase she often told me , So to this very day I keep it in my head that I have to strive to be my very best or I might end up in the trash . I remember when we got home that afternoon I pulled off the plastic wrapping as fast as I could , and put that record on my turntable in our living room. I remember vividly the sounds of a car and a radio and screeching , what was this ? I was excited , I had no idea what was about to happen.A few seconds later there it was,the intro guitar lick to Detroit Rock City, then Kings Of The Knight time world, followed by God Of Thunder. It didn't stop for me , the songs kept coming on and I was in awe of what I was hearing for the first time in my life, I played the record at least 3 more times through the night and soaked in all the rest of it , Great Expectations, Flaming youth , Sweet Pain, Shout It Out Loud, Beth , Do you love me , Rock n Roll all night . I had heard sounds that transformed me that day , it made me want to learn the guitar , it made me want to be something more , I can't really explain what came over me that day but it surely became a lifelong quest in the pursuit of music. My first time ever onstage was at a high school talent show in the 7th grade. I had put together this little group with my friends Jerry Cardenas who was the school badass on drums at the time , and these two other kids I knew named Paul Guiterrez and Carlos Meddle. We were gonna be KISS at the talent show ! The chosen song was Detroit Rock city and we were going to make the costumes ourselves. When show day arrived all the middle school kids gathered in the auditorium and watched various acts through the next few hours , But the talk was that Paul , Jerry , Carlos , and myself were going to be KISS. We were going to be popular man !!! I wanted to be the 7th grade rock star . When the curtains went up after little chacho doing his freestyle dance act I came on with a vengeance in aluminum Ace outfit LOL.

The story behind " Drowning " video

DROWNING was a song I had written years back and I had not had any music for until one day I was jamming at home and started humming along to chords and there it was , The Gods of Rock gave me the song . We had it recorded with our friend Rex Alan and decided to do a video for it . In this phase of the band , SMOKE N LOVE had long been released and we even did a prior video with new bassist Shane Breon who has been our longest running bass player to date and introduced him with NOTHINGS GOOD ENOUGH . We had decided to film a video with our guitarist at the time Joseph Lamanna who was hired on after the break up occurred 2 years after Smoke n Love came out . We had tracked the song with Rex and what you are hearing is mainly me on guitars as we went in and blended out JLs guitar tracks to a minimum because of timing issues and his guitar solos we all agreed were simply not working , and I decided to do the solo myself. JL was actually a good guitar player, but we felt he wasn't seasoned enough yet , he was years younger in age and did not quite have that lose bluesy feel that i could easily pull off , he was more scales and modes , which is fine if your rehearsed like that , but it didn't work with EB very much . He was a young hot shot and I when I snagged him from his prior band , he was good don't get me wrong , but not good in the way that worked for us . The video was done in Austin at a place called THE MUSEUM OF HUMAN ACHIEVEMENT , it was supposed to be all artsy and stuff until the artists decided they didn't want there paintings in a rock video , which pissed me off because we had been told we could use the museum and all its coolness but then got confined to working with a little wall space which i felt i could have easily done in my own home . we paid around 500 for it and drove all 85 miles to use an area that was just walls and wooden floor hahaha. Ken Morales the director who is a very cool guy to work with and did our prior video Nothings Good Enough was a genius and knew how to work the wall space. We trusted him and got a pretty descent looking video out of it, JL of course mimicked the guitar solo, what you are hearing is actually me playing the solo because its a studio track , live it did not sound close to the solo on the track , as I said he was good but in a different way .Shortly after EDEN BURNING and JL mutaually stopped working together and we continued on as a trio yet again but this time with Shane Breon who has hung on for a few years already . I think the success of it all has to do with being friends as well , Shane and Douglas have been band mates and friends for a long time we understand each other and usually this sort of thing is where longevity comes in . To date proudly our original guitarist Matt Steele who was the guitar player on BANGED UP N DIRTY ( you see him on the SMOKE N LOVE VIDEO ) has been back in the band for a while and is working with us , For the first time in a long time we have had the longest stability ever and locked in as a cohesive working band that is all true friends . EDEN BURNIG has been for the first time in ages is finally free of drama , arguments , drugs , attitudes, backstabbing , and alcohol abuse,,, we are at a point where its all about the music finally .


The Story Behind " SMOKE N LOVE "

SMOKE N LOVE was a song written by friend Rex Alan who was looking for a band to try and do this tune for an indie project , I had been approached about it and agreed to try the tune and nailed it in one evening in the studio and that was really supposed to be it , but then the director came around wanting a video for it , i thought this was not so bad until he took control of how the video should look , then tension built. At this point of the band we were already on the verge of imploding , our bassist and myself were clashing , he was also like our 5th bass player and I had already grown tired of replacing members and going backwards rehearsing songs I already knew by heart . The director invited Rex Alan to be in the video with the band which honestly I was not in agreement with because even though he was a good friend , I didn't want to confuse the public even further with people asking " who is that guy playing the black les paul in the background " . The band had already been through several members and two guitar player changes , My drummer and myself were the only consistent ones in the band that kept the name going. I was at this point beyond frustrated with all the lineup changes. When the video was shot i was told to do a Steven Tyler and hand my guitar over to Rex so he could play and I basically sing . I was semi okay with it because as i said he was a friend who I respected dearly but at the same time , I did not agree with the concept of how the video was shot , i dint even want the girls to be in it , I felt it was too cliche and they could have dreamt up a better scenario , But it was after all a free video I was getting at the end of the day , so I just shut the fuck up and played my part so to speak . When it was complete and released of course i got a asked as i knew I would time and time again , who's that guy playing your guitar , why aren't you playing your guitar ? why the girls its been done a million times ? yadda yadda yadda...Thats why to this day when that video is promoted i get asked who is the guy in the background playing your Les Paul . Shortly after the video came out i think it was in 2011 ? I fired the whole band and called it quits after too much frustration and feeling at this point I had lost control of my own band and was losing say so, Without me there was no EDEN BURNING , so I took a three month vacation off the scene only to resurface as a trio for a while with a new bassist who ironically was the most drunk , violent , and aggressive one of them all , but thats a whole other chapter. Yes 2011 was an interesting year .


EDEN BURNING will be kicking off South Texas Rock Fest tonight at Sunken Gardens Theatre . Gates open at 4:30 pm RAIN OR SHINE . The event includes SAXON , WARRANT , QUIET RIOT , EDEN BURNING . Tickets at all HEB outlets.

"RAIN" the new song

Hey friends..... I have released 'RAIN" the anthemic ballad by EDEN BURNING a song that has been listened to over 6000 times on myspace and over 1000 times on facebook and has been released for the first time ever on itunes , look it up .....its available for only .99 cents .