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Dear Friends, I have been entered into a Facebook contest to open for US rapper, YG on his Aussie tour. All you have to do is like and comment your support on the following link. Oh yeah! Enjoy the freestyle video in the link too. Thank you Please click this Facebook link to vote here: https://www.facebook.com/PennyPromotionsAUS/videos/407546576278716/

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Hey There, Hope you're having a Happy 2014. The first month is almost up as we head into February. It's been a busy year for me so far.

Check this out! I've been working with 11 year old female singer, Ani-K. We've just delivered her first single to iTunes. It's called 'Holiday.'

Watch it here: http://youtu.be/tl-Uej2uulo

Please leave some feedback and share with your peeps.

Over and Out, Crisis Mr. Swagger

P.S. It's on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/bangerzani

How I Met Paul Ngozi

How I met #PaulNgozi. Please Read, Share, Comment and Like. ************************************************ This is a factual tale: I grew up in Woodlands, Lusaka, Zambia and, I went to school at Woodlands 'A' Primary School Lusaka Zambia. I used to hear stories that the great musician, Paul Ngozi had a Nissan Skyline that used to talk like Kit from Knight Rider.

One day, I was at the Woodlands Shopping Center when I saw a grey-ish or silver Nissan Skyline pull up in front of me. It was Paul Ngozi. He stepped out of the car wearing tight jeans with spikey studded leather wrist bands and boots decorated in silver spikes and a silver front cap and, he had long dreads. He left the door to his car open and started heading to the nearest butchery when the car suddenly spoke in female voice using Nyanja (Zambian dialect) saying something like "Bangozi valani door." People were shocked to see what this car could do. Paul turned around and walked to his car, closed the door and locked it. Ha, ha!! Today, I look back and laugh at this.

I've never believed that the car could actually talk. It was a female voice and, I've always thought that he had a cassette that he played when he was approaching places that seemed appropriate enough to shock people. Anyway, as he walked away from his car, I approached him and shook his had saying I loved his music. He didn't say much. He just smiled but had a facial expression of appreciation. That was the first and last time I saw him in the flesh. Very few Zambian artists will ever say that they met this legendary musician/guitarist.

I always loved the song 'Niza Panga Ngozi' by The Ngozi Family in which Paul was the lead singer. I always wanted to work on it. That's how my new song 'Translation' was born. Rest in Peace Paul Ngozi aka The African Jimi Hendrix. 1949-1989

Download 'Translation.' Check out "Translation Feat. Paul Ngozi" by Crisis Mr. Swagger - http://www.reverbnation.com/hiphopcrisis/song/18328650-translation-feat-paul-ngozi

Alternative Download Link: http://www.hulkshare.com/93dftlyl8tts

Please Read, Share, Comment and Like. ************************************************ Music produced by Crisis Mr. Swagger. Contains sample of 'Niza Panga Ngozi' by The Ngozi Family. Used with permission from Peter Ngozi Nyirenda. © 2013 Chisenga Gander Katongo/Diamond Chain Music/Paul Ngozi Estate

The Best Reggae is by Eddie Murphy....

I've just been seeing the video to 'Red Light,' a new song by popular actor/comedian, Eddie Murphy. I pressed play and to a degree, I was expecting to hear the same Eddie Murphy that I heard back in the 90's in what seemed like a play song called 'Whats Up' with the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. To my surprise, this was not the case. Let me explain why: This is some straight up Bob Marley reincarnated type sh*t. I've heard people imitate Bob Marley but... while you can hear the influence on this song, Eddie stands out with his own style and voice yet, very cleverly inspired by the aforementioned. I am totally impressed by this song. It's very philosophical and well composed. Complimented by the female vocals as well as Snoop Lion, this one makes you want to hit a fatty and just look beyond the beach for some thought. This should be up for a Grammy. I really think it needs more marketing. I love reggae but.. I usually just listen to Bob Marley, Yellowman and Shabba Ranks. So, for me to talk about this song, it's gotta be special. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiiFzKfuPMk

Over and Out,

Crisis Mr. Swagger

92.9 Perth Radio and Crisis Mr. Swagger

92.9’s Suburban Song Music Video Lisa Paul and Baz’s Suburban Songs, in its second year has proven so popular that it was time to take it to the next level – turning one into a music video! Over the past weeks, listeners were called to pick a tune, write the lyrics and email in a song about their suburb. It was one about ‘Morley’ written and produced by a local Perth rapper, Crisis Mr Swagger that changed everything. “Crisis Mr Swagger deserved more than just a spin on the radio. His Morley Suburban Song had to be made into a video clip,” said breakfast announcer, Paul Hogan. “When people think music video they’ve though LA, they’ve thought Miami. Now they think Morley!” With the support of the Morley community, Crisis Mr Swagger and the 92.9 listeners we were able to turn a catchy rap tune into a music video. “Thank you to the 92.9 breakfast team for this great initiative… every musician wants the world to hear their music. Lisa, Paul and Baz have done a great job for me in that area,” Mr Swagger said. The Morley Recreation Centre, Morley Cheesecake Shop, Morley Rollerdrome and The Galleria are just some of the places that feature in the music video. See it now online: http://bit.ly/1e6z6jv

You can also check out the video here:


Over and Out,

Crisis Mr. Swagger

Music Review - T.I. Featuring B.O.B, Kendrick Lamar, & Kris Stephens

The new T.I. album has been out for a minute now. 'Trouble Man, Heavy is The Head has proved to a lot of skeptics that, the rapper is here to stay. While the album is packed with great twists and turns that make it a good listen, just when you think it's all over, he comes back with a catchy song and teams up with B.O.B, Kendrick Lamar, & Kris Stephens. What I want to know is, how did this song come together? It's one of those things that Hip-Hop needed at this point. I've heard new songs from various rappers but none tell a story like this one. It's different tales from four artists that still merge into one, as they focus on their experiences with females that, in my opinion have lost the real meaning of love.

T.I. gets straight into telling the story O.G Style, keeping the code of the street by not mentioning the girls name at the end of his verse. I like the detail and flow of his tale and the way he puts it. You gotta love the way Tip uses the Southern swagg. It's timeless.

B.O.B. then come's in with his verse after the chorus. While I think that he does a great job on the song, I kind of feel that B.O.B's part has been told numerous times by various rappers. His verse still makes a great addition to the song because, based on what they're talking about, It's a common scenario. The song wouldn't be complete without it.

Kendrick Lamar (MTV Hottest MC 2013), come's in with an attitude that says "F*ck this materialistic b*tch!" His flow and word play are both clever and well delivered. Kendrick Lamar comes across as a conscious rapper that wont take sh*t from a hoe. This is the honesty that makes his delivery on this track special.

Kris Stephens is all along beautiful, soulful and adds great color to the video and song in every way. She is perfect here. I've never heard of her but, this is a good start in being introduced to her.

My conclusion is that, this song is real and timelss. I'm diggin it and, I'm glad they got together to put the visuals to this. I liked the song when I first heard it about two months ago. The video only elevates it to new heights. Good work and, it scores a 10/10

Check out the video via Rap Radar. Just copy and paste the following link into your browser:


My Music Review of The Day

While I am a staunch Hip-Hop artist, I am also a big fan of music in general. I've decided that I will be writing Music and Movie Reviews to make my blog more active. Today marks my first, official review.

Miguel Featuring Kendrick Lamar -How Many Drinks (Remix)

Watch the Video: http://youtu.be/DY9N9-7yRl0

This song is nice. I like that it's different. The video is very late 80's kind of style but, modernized.

Kendrick Lamar makes a great addition to the track too.

I can hear the O'Donel Levy sample from the song 'We've Only Just Begun' which was also famously sampled by the legendary Pete Rock and CL Smooth. It's very well blended into the song.

Several times I've asked myself "Does Kendrick sometimes sound like Andre 3000?" Would love to know your thoughts too. Follow and Hit me up on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/hiphopcrisis

Over and Out,

Crisis Mr. Swagger My website: http://www.diamondchainmusic.com

Review of 'My Life' by 50 Cent Featuring Eminem and Adam Levine

In my opinion this new record with Eminem and Adam Levine is quite hard. French Montana might have a hit for a month but it will not have the longevity of this track. The fact is, Game does not make his own mind up. He looks at trends and tries to copy that. Look at the last album he did. It should have been a cover album of his favorite rappers styles. God know's he tried them all. Damn!!! He tried to sound like everybody that he featured. 50 is right by stating that, Game's music sounds like some other sh*t right now because the writing credits do not include Curtis Jackson. Look at the musical path that Game has suddenly taken? Trying to disrespect religion or God through music is a sure way to get a flop. Yeah, you might get a little buzz and sell a few like Rick Ross has done with his record but, the numbers just don't match the buzz. N*gguz need to get off that "Desperate to sell and will sell my soul" tip and just make good music. Blasphemy never saved no rappers soul. People that turned blasphemous to sell music died mysteriously. No Joke! Real Talk! That's a deeper topic for another day. Burger King might have fast food to help me settle the hunger but, at the end of the day, I must go home and eat something healthy. Same goes with music. I might pass some time and check out what Gucci Mane is about but, at the end of the day, I know that 'My Life' by 50 Cent has richer content that has longevity. It's real life lyrics that address betrayal, loyalty and victory in the storm.

By the way, Eminem totally spazed out on this one. You gotta love the word play and spit fire flow.

50 Cent simply goes hard and does not follow anybody's path but his own. This is a quality only embraced by the greats. His style is on the money and, it has nothing but, honesty in every line.

On the downside, had I mixed down the record, I would have added some Reverb and Delay to Adam Levine's vocals to give them some air and response to the bounce of the beat. It almost sounds too plain. It's still very catchy and, remember that, my detail is simply based on the fact that, I'm a Rapper/Producer and Sound Engineer too.

Come see about me ---- http://www.diamondchainmusic.com

Twitter: @hiphopcrisis

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/contactcrisis

Over and Out,

Crisis Mr. Swagger

They say imitation is the best form of flattery

Hi There, Tell me, is this just coincidental that, American rapper, Saigon has just released a song titled 'Blown Away' which has the same concept as my 2007 release, 'Sound of Da Gun?'

C.R.I.$.I.$: http://youtu.be/zLPdUpP3wFY

SAIGON: http://youtu.be/kwZmfSDMhlg

Over and Out,

Crisis Mr. Swagger (Doggz4Life Hip-Hop artist - West Coast) By the way, I'm African born. From Lusaka, Zambia. Website: http://www.diamondchainmusic.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/contactcrisis

The Shortest News I Ever Told U About

Look out for the new single 'Big Swagger.' Its got that Soul Music from the Temptations/Charlie Wilson from the 90's and Crisis Mr. Swagger in 2013

Over and Out,

Crisis Mr. Swagger