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MOAMS Video Shoot - Blog 1

So we learned that shooting a video [all by ourselves literally] is hard work! We came up with a visual concept, bought materials, set up in a very tight and confined room, then shot video for 6 straight hours. It was just us four so we had to do alot of improvising, but all in all, we did a pretty stellar job. Now comes the grooling process of editing. Thanks to Wally World for having such a great [lose] return policy which enabled us to shoot a video with zero final production costs other than sweat and labor!! Lesson learned, "Dont choose a room with no air conditioning"! Hope the video is well received, Cheers!

Local music scene?

There is only a "scene" if there are supporters. We are seeing more and more shows that just don't get the turnouts that it should. That's pretty sad considering all of the hard work that goes into putting together each show. If you want a music scene, then get out an occupy a venue that is hosting local acts. Show your support by getting out to shows!

Writing - better on a guitar

Words aren't my favorite.