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How you can be number 1# on REVERBNATION!!

My REVERBNATION page has been no.1# in Cleveland,Ohio for a few months now,and now it's time to explain how you too can have the no.1# spot on your floor of this un-intentioned "Tower of Babel." This is how I approached it:Like everyone else,I love the songs that come through me! and I admit I listen to them more than to anything else.partly(I imagine)because I am now past the constantly critiquing myself stage,a little bit past the wow is that me stage,to the,I can enjoy the whole production while separated from the fact that it's me, stage.In other words,I can listen to my compositions like it's not me.That way,you see a larger musical landscape.(if you listen closely you will even hear some of "you" in me!)So,I understand very clearly the love one has for those children born of your creative urges. Be you a painter of paint,pencil or water color,a writer of words or of sounds,a multi-instrumentalist,a sculptor,a speaker...ad infinitum.The songs you create are your babies,and everyone wants their children to be loved and can be very sensitive about comments or criticism's of said children. Not having that issue,because I craft the songs that come through me with meticulous attention to every note( i hate off-notes,i don't let "one" slip by)I envisioned putting my compositions on REVERBNATION as sending my "children" off into the wide world to make their own friends...And then I went visiting. I went (and still do)to peoples pages and listen to their babies.and because there are no bad children,only inattentive adults,I let them know,no matter the genre,that I appreciate what they've created.The benefits of encouraging that which is "you" is incalculable! Show appreciation and they will come.You don't have to cajole or beg someone to come and check you out, they will come because you've already shown them that you are with them in their endeavors! It is actually a turn off when someone says,"be my fan and i'll do the same for you." I personally am your fan whether you like my children or not but this is not about me,it's about you being no.1, which you certainly are. As you can tell by my stats,I don't use those widgets and none of my numbers are inflated because "I" am visiting my own site.Apparently people like the songs.The number of "plays" is the stat that keeps growing and growing.That's what says to me they must like the songs.and like them even though they are not fuck you songs or I "want" to fuck you songs or I am this and you're not songs,or cookie-cutter songs which basically all sound the same and are also basically about the same things.I kinda got off subject there.but I like hearing new ideas! I want to hear "original" ideas! No songwriter is saying anything that hasn't been said before,They are just saying it in a way it hasn't been "heard" before.wow,my passion kicked in and i went off subject again,must be time for me to shut it down.In any case,let your brothers and sisters know that you appreciate them with no strings attached,and watch what happens! Now,get to encouraging and go to the head of the class!Oh,and listen to "More than that" again! that is one cool song if i say so myself! lol

You won't like hearing this...Gospel Rap is "never" going to fly.

I already have my armor on.so i'm gonna take a deep breath and prepare my heart to be water towards the onslaught of illogic logic that will surely be directed towards this statement of fact(yet again)as I explain(yet again),23 years later,( I first saw this in 1987)why:GOSPEL RAP IS "NEVER" GOING TO FLY:I worked at Time Traxx records and New trend publishing in the early 80's.the company had had two very popular songs on the radio and that popularity had increased their recording business (and their dreams) exponentially. Unfortunately(for some) Rap had taken over radio by 1987 and I paid close attention to the creative people that came through Time Traxx, and I listened to their exhortations about how what they were doing was the "next big thing" and I saw how people were looking furiously for ideas that they could marry to the "rap format" and thus "become" the next big thing.And I remember the day,a friend of my boss's came in with his "artist",very excited and fit to burst with what they swore was the greatest idea since sliced bread!GOSPEL RAP! But it is actually very,very simple why Gospel RAP to this day has never "worked" and why it won't.Here are the facts of it:Rap is primarily people "talking/expressing" their views on what they think about this or that just as singing is.but the difference is in the "wave" that is carrying the sentiment.the message. The "vibration,the "Music" that most rap sits on is Anti-Gospel,anti-peace,anti-lets get along.It sits on Aggressive drum beats and tempo's that were sonically created for braggadocio.Scientist experimented and discovered decades ago that ELF's(extra low frequency's)have an adverse effect on animals and humans.It makes them aggressive.It makes them violent towards each other and less patient.That is a fact,and that fact has nothing to do with,"well,I feel like this about it..." The fact of a thing cares naught about how you "feel".Also,the 808 and 909's,the bass generators that rappers swore by?and the volumes they listen to it with?...do the math. Remember,it use to be said,"music hath charms to sooth the savage beast.now,it seems it "creates" them.So,lets rap this up(pun intended),Gospel music is made to cool you out,put you in an emotional state where you contemplate higher things. the music those sentiments travel upon is more or less in vibrational accord with what is being communicated.The aggressive music of Rap,( the practitioner's even call it my "beats!" A Freudian Slip if ever there was one.Those "beats",those extra low frequency's used in rap,and those aggressive delivery's are DIRECTLY opposed to the message of the Gospels.I can be a lot simpler:The low frequency vibrations of the music is in "direct" opposition to the high vibration of "appreciation." It's like the picture of the abused woman all beat to hell as her aggressor assures her how much he loves her.Gospel rap won't work until we've learned how to "completely" ignore the law of frequency's.and that's not gonna happen folks.Nature is gonna stay Nature,A law is a law and that,my friends,is unarguable...but if the carrier wave,IE the music supporting the rap format were different...ahh...what might come about then? I'll give you a hint:go listen to Seize 1's song,"I'm gone". Some of you will have a difficult time accepting this.(not understanding the difference between "fact" and "opinion",which seems to be common among the rapper generations) so,I'm gonna put it in terms that you "will" understand. "IF THERE WAS MONEY IN IT,THE RECORD COMPANIES WOULD BE ALL OVER IT! THEY ARE NOT! walk with me,oh gentle reader...this is not a paper against gospel rap.this is a paper on crossing frequency's or vibrations or some such.It doesn't have anything to do with "feelings",it's an aural observation.an insight,if you will,into why after more than two decades:There is no market for,and no Rich and Famous Gospel Rappers.