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Love Possibilities...

Have you ever been in love...alone? I am a lover! a hopeless romantic with the most creative imagination ever...I am in love with life! I am in love with big fluffy cotton candy clouds tasting my spirit, I am in love with raindrops dancing on me naked and ocean tides massaging the SOULS of my feet. I am in love with the birth of sunrises and kissing sunsets good evening but never good bye because there is always another rhyme in time and I look forward to hearing the Angels sing sweet melodies in the trees while swaying to the rhythms of hope. I am in love with sharing fantasies and building dreams, creating tomorrows yesterdays memories. I am in love with love and look forward to the possibilities of dancing to the beat of love being in love with me too ~WisdomSOUL 12/17/12

Dance of the Butterfly...

Sitting on mountaintops talking spirituality he was warm like the sun (and the son...of man) he embraced my spirit , cradled it like a baby nurturing every bit of my vulnerability. I was a naked infant in him. He raised me a Queen. My father who was a King forgot who he was, still lost, but I am found, how profound. Pretty wings, he let me go, I spread mine like a butterfly and found the freedom to be. Unraveling the last of the cocoon threads like an umbilical cord, detached. Now able to breathe on my own. I float, Fluttering from plant to plant, pollinating- forming seeds, leaving a piece of me with each one, I become...the social one. In search of the perfect place to resonate, the perfect mate, Abdomen readily available for connection of souls perhaps a chance... the butterfly dance.

~WisdomSOUL @2012