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An Update of Sorts

Well... my computer is back up and running like new again (I hate to say again, but that's the truth). As promised, I said once it was fixed I would start making demos again, and I did. "Is There a Reason?" is now up on my page right now, and I'll be working on another one tomorrow and should have that one up by tomorrow evening. As far as more demos, I've only got three potential songs written (and two are released as of now, tomorrow will bring about the third), and have recently gotten out of a tremendous writer's block. I also need to write for my Ace & Seanovan project (also on ReverbNation), so this is going to be a very demanding year for me (extending into next year as well). I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date on these things as they come about.

Peace and love, Seanovan

A Time for Recovery


So, my computer is getting back to it's old self again. Pretty much what happened was my computer froze up and wouldn't log back in. So it took me almost 20 hours to figure it out (including the 7 hours of sleep I got and the 2 hours of work today). That said, all of my music files are backed up and are being put on my computer right now (as of this blog post) and I should have all of my applications back on my computer within the next couple of weeks (the interface that I use needs a disc to install, and I don't have that with me). Until then, no new music files will be posted. Thanks for your understanding.



Getting Things Started

Hey all!

Welcome to the Radio Seanovan page on ReverbNation. Just so you know, as of now, I will be posting songs periodically as school work and a bunch of other factors will be taken into account. I will also be updating this blog on a weekly to bi-weekly basis letting you know about things that are going on in my life at the time.

That said, enjoy!