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War on American Soil

If we went to war on American soil would the malevolent racist man allow his hatred to subside or would he allow America to fall?

The Youth "Young Ladies Today"

If you keep up with me then you know I am a teacher slash football coach. I see the youth everyday and my experience really disturbs me. The way the young ladies expose themselves is saddening. I often question what are they be taught and who continues to allow this shameful behavior. Young ladies and men alike fall into this discussion. What do you think about it? Cause/effect and possible solutions?

Whats a Real MC?

Its extra funny and often sad to see truly untalented individuals getting play when there are amazing talents throughout the land. I Imagine the counter would be "thats hating". No, that is not the case. You're wack! That is the truth. Somehow,meaningless lyrics alongside bangin beats have passed for popular. Hell, if thats the case, producers should just release their instrumentals to the radio. Will the real MC's please stand up?