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Rated R EP

Thinking 5 songs that your kids shouldn't be listening to, penned by Timbo. To be released in conjunction with the next full length album.

CD Release Party

6/21/10 What a great party. 2 shows in one day and seems like we were just getting into it at that point. So we had to play outdoors for another impromptu afterhours party. Apparently the cd sounds great while driving, especially to an EverGreen show. Sounds good while cleaning the house says another unnamed source.

Evergreen Grass Band
Evergreen Grass Band  (over 6 years ago)

Going to work on next one right away this evening. Sounds of the rolling rivers and trains across bridges are on my mind. Somewhere between the rain and the wind in the pines, or the wing of a bird just taken flight. more banjo please....

...i think we have enough material for 2 more discs and are continuing to write. Can't wait to get this new sound out there. more banjos.