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Recording Update

Just finished writing the final song for the CD. Now we need to finish tracking it. It is pretty sick, to say the least. This song will feature Todd Danna from The Killing of Kindness and our good 'ol pal Scott Parrington. It's almost time... Keep an eager ear out!!!! west west yo


Something does not want u to finish this cd...

This is now the 2nd computer crash i have dealt with in the recording of this cd. Both obstacles have been overcome. Its just very frustrating to deal with so frequently. luckily we haven't lost any recordings. I just cant wait until we are finished so i can sit back and admire all the energy and effort we put into these songs. As the lyrics to the new song go... "we've tried so hard and waited so long". I think we all will feel a great sense of accomplishment with this cd, and thats all at really matters when it comes down to it. 2 more to go...

RIP Paul Grey You were an inspiration to all of us, and i guarantee i would not be making music if it wasn't for your influence.


Captains Log - Star Gate 5.22.2010

Just finished the layout of "The Take Over" This song will be EPIC!! I am very excited to hear this piece progress. We have a surprise in store for this track... we will have a "guest appearance" of a good friend on it! Thats all I will say until it is completed!!

...in other T$D news, The Killing of Kindness' CD is about at 75% complete also. Ray needs to finish his guitar tracks then its all clear sailing from there. Look out for that at the end of the summer... It will be BRUTAL!

New merch will be up soon,so please help support T$D and snag yourself 1... or 3... or 5!!!


Blog 1 - How this came to be

Ok so here is the deal... I will come here every so often and gather my thoughts and give updates on the band, for anyone who may care.

Here is how we got to where we are... Ray and I began with the first 3 songs, Falling Down, Wicked lies, and Fade Away. Once we had the outline of those songs written, we invited the rest of the guys to come and give us their input and lay down their tracks. Once we had the first 3 finished we all realized the potential of the music we were creating and got very excited.

Ray and I began working on the next song, Let's Pretend We're Dying, and it began to head in a completely different direction than we had been with the other 3 songs. It was very exciting. Again we had the guys come give us their input and lay down their tracks and we then had 4 songs completed.

The 5th song, The Tragedy of Choice, is "loosely based on actual events", but it was more just exaggerated feelings that i needed to get out of my system. This song again pushed the boundaries further than we had previously.

we are still discovering our ideal sound but what i think is awesome is that we keep challenging ourselves more with every song.

The next thing we have recorded, but is not quite finished, is a cover song. I'm not going to say what because we want it to be a surprise! But this is a song that Corey and I have been talking about covering for years! Its really exciting that we have finally done it, and it is turning out to be more than i would have ever expected it to be.

Recording and mixing this album has been a tremendous learning experience for me and I am very confident that it will turn out to be the best group of songs any of us have put together yet!

So please be patient with us and stay tuned because it will be well worth the wait when its all over!

Until next time... -johnny