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"We don't talk about Gio's..."

Talk about a disaster.

Everything was going smoothly. A large birthday party was going on while I was setting up, and I was busy trying to hold the cougars and baby mammas over until I started my set. I started rearranging a few songs to win them over. You know, the really dark, bangin' remixes of Domo Arigato and Bueller's anthem, "Oh Yeah?"

After checking my phone mix one more time, my DJ software crashed. Thinking nothing of it, I reopened it, and loaded up a few more songs. Played for a few seconds, then another crash. Mildly concerned, I checked all the connections while restarting the computer. Crash. Wi-Fi and bluetooth off. Crash. Different circuits and plugs (I was desperate). Crash.

Different DJ software. Crash.

Then it hit me. I downloaded the latest security update something-or-other for Mac OSX Snow Leopard. And I violated the No. 1 rule of all shows, regardless of genre. Do not update or eff with anything, especially when it's working, and especially before a show.

Needless to say, the problem was with OSX 10.6, and I had to reformat/reinstall/roll back to Tiger, 10.4.

The show did not go on. I hooked the club's house music back, and dejectedly hung around the bar, buried in a glass of New Moon.

Stewy, the co-club owner, was blessedly patient, and good-natured. He was willing to give me another shot, as computer stuff happens. We're not done yet.

It ended up being a great night, as friends of mine still bought a few drinks and cut loose. We visited another venue down the street, and noticed this place was also hopping. There was a live band who was in desperate need of a drummer, as theirs was wheeled out on a gurney for unknown reasons. Suddenly, drumsticks were in my hands, and I absolutely butchered a ZZ Top and Tom Petty cover.

Everything happens for a reason, and we're just getting started. But please, we don't talk about Gio's. ;-)

be well m

Jandro Is Not A Band
Jandro Is Not A Band  (almost 8 years ago)

I still wish I could have been there. Your mac is up and running again?

"Wow, your computer is old..."

Yep, that's what a friend said when he watched me do my trance thing at the apartment.

"I can hear it crying...it's very sad..."

Funny thing is, my wife's computer is four times faster, but migrating everything to a new system is not...fun.

I've puttered around with dance music for a long time. I even made a hyperactive aerobics-class techno CD in high school. It's awful, but it was fun. I learned how to edit like a speed-demon on that Korg Karma (synthesizer).

I dug through my CDs and found everything from Skinny Puppy to Tall Paul, to ATB, Paul Van Dyk, a million freakin' CDs from Oakenfold, you name it. It's the music I keep coming back to. I've played in classic rock bands for years. I've mixed and producing bands, and even sold music gear for awhile. But it's always the boom-chick boom-chick.

I'm here to stay. This feels right. I plan on having a whole album by summer. 70 minutes of my junk. Exciting, isn't it?

Please spread the love, and tell anyone you know about me. As always, if you are a fan or an artist, I love talking about this stuff. I'd love to connect and start a dialogue.

Peace and be well!


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