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Air Play in Australia!

VOS is pleased to annouce that we will be reciving radio airplay in Australia. If you are in that area keep an ear out for My Life, Again and Superstar. Thank you for your support, peace!

Thank You!

Had few important peices of rec. equipment missplaced after the move but with any luck I'll have everything I need within a couple weeks, a re-recording of I Hate You and Want to Believe as well as1 or 2 new 1's. Hopefully by the end of March!


Just a bit of an update, I have the lyric's for the untilted V.O.S. sample/demo tune, I just need to add a bass and the vocals. I also have the drum arragements completed for 2 other, as of right now untitled songs and have been working on a couple acustic tunes aswell. It's been a busy couple of months but hope to have at least a few of these completed by mid.-late Nov.


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