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Boom.... 2014 #ATY

2014 is here, enough of the past. Kicked of the Year being involved in a Chairty Record for Beesotted, Brentford Fanzine to help raise money for the Oxfam Philippines Disaster Fund. Check out the links to iTunes and the Video. Go buy it , its for a good cause. We are deep rehearsing for the next few months, and bedding in Mr Tommy Napper into the fold. 1st Gig of 2014 is Queen Of Hoxton on 15-02-14.

Thats all for now, but News is incoming about the plans for this Year. Keep the Love. ATY xxxx

New Tracks n Surface London Final

And here we are....... Just put up 2 monitor mixes of "Stay Away' and "Catching My Eye". Work in progress, we wanted some new tunes up so rather than wait, we popped em up. Big ups to producer Wolsey for the love he is showing towards all our new stuff. Plenty of gigs coming up, the biggest being The London Final of Surface Festival. 2nd September, its the top 20 bands going at it, and the top 7 go into the European Final at Indigo at the 02 arena. Big stuff. Will be doing the normal promo to help us get votes, as always. We hope it doesnt piss you off, but it has to be done. 3 music industry guys make up 75% of the vote the other 25% comes from text votes. So if your in on #thejourney text south 5171 to 64 343. Costs a quid. If you want tickets for the London Final, please shout, we need as much support as possible. Big thanks to everyone for your support. Big Love ATY xxxx

Back Gigging :) xx


Ok so we have had a couple of quiet months, but that's over now.

1st Gig of the Year is at Thorpe park this Thursday at 'The Swarm' Launch, which is a sik way to start the year.

Check out the link http://www.thorpepark.com/.

Next is The Jubilee in Sunbury on 23rd March. Great pub and will be trying out new songs, new covers so get down and let us know what you think.

29th March its back to The Hobgoblin in Staines, another proper venue so be good to see lots of you there.

4th April is 1st round of http://www.surfacefestival.com/ which is a biggy. Its London but we really need lots of support, so message us or talk to us, we have some tickets to shift. If you cant make it, you can text vote for us, alright it costs a quid, so don't go mental, all the details on on the above site.

6th April at The Peel in Kingston, supporting Raba which will ge a good un.

Saturday 28th we are back at The Castle in Chertsey, our home boozer, Rabba are playing a set so that is all good.

So lots to choose from and more incoming.

Tracks being finished, so keep the faith, taking longer than we thought, but we have to get it right.

Myspace is dead at the moment so come find us on facebook


or Twitter https://twitter.com/according2you

Big Love and Thanks to each of you.

ATY xxxx

2011 was sik xx

Been an amazing 2011, and now its time for a couple of quiet months.

The new tracks will be finished and the plan is to have them done by the end of Feb. They are sounding wicked, so keep an eye out for cheeky vids when we go back in and add stuff to em.

A "Thank You' from all of us, for all your support, messages and comments. It really does mean alot to us, so hopefully in 2012 you will keep em coming and enjoy the new stuff thats coming at you.

Have a Wonderful and Peaceful Christmas and lets hope 2012 is wicked for everyone.

Big Love

ATY xxxx

Big Gig News :)

Hope everyone is good and well :)

11th December at 4pm we are playing "The December Sessions at the 02".

Its FREE and will be amazing. So get to London, do ya Christmas shopping and get to the 02.

http://www.facebook.com/decembersessions is the link and more info on its way.

If you cant wait to see us then 25th November The Prince Albert in Brixton, on stage 11ish or 26th November The Castle in Chertsey, our home boozer, always a sik night.

Doing a Acoustic Session on Eagle fm on the 1st December, will let you know when its going out.

Recordings are going well, will be finishing them off over the next few weeks and end of January they will be ready to roll.

Christmas is incoming and our version of 'Merry Christmas Everyone" will be up on Myspace etc next week.

Take care and a Big Thanks for all the support we are getting.

Big Love

ATY xxxx

Strummerville and that App ting :)

If you haven't seen, we have a nice new fresh page on Strummerville. It has a Free download and if you go grab it we may get in the Strummerville charts.... So please please go do it. Link attached and will take ya 3 minutes.....

Gig in Brixton on 18th November is off, due to the venue not being ready after a facelift..gutted but will get a new date asap.

The Android App thing is going. We were kinda testing it and had a free months trial, so sorry to those who have it. Next year we will have another look at it.

Fucking excited about getting into the studio with Mr Wolsey White. Still working on the tracks but have 8 or so fresh un's and still working on more.

Enough of this, Big Love to everyone, loving as always your comments n stuff.

Sweet ATY xxxx

Here's that Strummerville link. :) x http://www.strummerville.com/according-to-you/

Fresh Blog with a freebie :)

Hi Hope everyone is good. The nice people at Reverbnation have given us a months trial on an 'According To You" Android App. Its free and the link is here.


We are gonna try it out and see if anyone wants it :). We can get it for iPhone & Blackberry but that costs, so will see. So if you have Android, please check it out and let us know what you think about it, would be really helpful. :)

We all went up to Brixton last week to see Hard-Fi, stopped off at The Prince Albert pub in Brixton before hand and ended up getting a gig up there, so check out the gig list. Got 1 at Thorpe Park as well in November, details incoming. Plus our next visit to The Castle we will have a set from The Elations.

Big Thanks as always to all of you, loving all the comments and messages. Take it easy.

ATY xxxx

September....... :)

Ello, Seems summer has gone :( Anyway after a quiet few weeks, we are back gigging, 3 gigs this weekend, The Urban Bar in Whitechapel , London on Friday Followed by a The Castle in Ottershaw on Saturday Afternoon, its a fundraiser with a bbq and us playing a few sets between 2-6pm. Its free so no excuse. Then off to Guildford County School for a 7pm set for another Charity night.

Back in rehearsing with Wolsey White going through the songs we are going record in October, thats cool.

Check out the gig list for more gigs, we have managed to get a gig at The Hobgoblin in Staines on Thursday 22nd September, so tell your mates as we wanna pack the place out so they will want us back. All about the Staines Massive, Mr Whites hometown.

Back at The Castle in Chertsey on the 17th as well, so lots to choose from....

Big Ta for all your beautiful support. ATY xxxx

Time for a Fresh Blog we thought.

We all had a wicked time @ Guilfest and at Pylewell Park. Cheers to everyone who came and supported us and also to all the new fans, we love it. Few gigs coming up and more on the way and just waiting on some Studio dates to get some more stuff put down. Been working on some new stuff and had a play with some covers as well.

So Cheers again, without your feedback, good or bad all this would be a lot harder. Thank you all for the messages and comments, you lot are wicked.

Safe ATY xxxx

ps, Can u find us on Twitter, we dont really know how it works :) x


Huge Thanks to everyone @ Brooklands College.

Yesterday we won their Battle of the Bands, ahead of 6 other wicked bands. Its a great buzz for us and everyone involved with According To You. We have a quiet few weeks then are back at Guilfest on Saturday 16th July. 5.30pm on the Surrey Advertisers Stage, so if your at the Festival come and check us out. We have some great gigs coming up so look at the list and, of course it would be rude not to ask you to download our "No Love Lost" ep from Itunes :)

Final Thanks is to everyone who is following and supporting our Music, you lot are all special and make this alot of fun, we really do appreciate it.

Sweet ATY xxxx