My first cd is on sale, in two of its versions spanish and french. This album has beautiful and romantic songs. I am very proud for this work.

My first big theatre.

December, 7, 2008. An unforgettable day. I made reality my dream: to sing in a stage of Corrientes Avenue, in this street so representative of tango,in this big and important theatre, tha Astral Theatre. The Astral Theatre allowed me offer the show, when some tango's venues closed me their doors. This theatre with its wonderful people gave me support and love in each moment. I remember my nervousness before to begin the concert...this is usual for me, this nervousness disappear when I start to sing and I feel the love of my people...It was a great concert, my first great concert...


This tango is beautiful, Its lyric is here I want to intoxicate my heart for extinguish a mad love that more that love is one to suffer. And here I can for it, to erase former kisses, in the kisses of other mouths. If his love was a flower of one day because reason is always mine this cruel worry. I want for two my glass to lift to forget my obstinacy and more I turn it to remember him. Nostalgias of listening to his mad laugh and feeling close to my mouth as a fire his breathing It distresses of feeling left by him and think other to his side promt promt she will speak to him about love Brother I don't want to stoop, nor to ask him, to request, to say him through that I cannot live any more From my sad lonelines I will see to fall the died roses of my youth...