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Animal EP and music video now live!

It's taken just about 1 year to finish our new EP called Animal, and we are able to say that this is the proudest we've ever been of something we've released. We went through the fire last year, made the toughest decisions this band has ever made, parted with a couple members and went in a musical direction that we felt was at our core. Enough words, just listen to our EP "Animal", and you will hear all of the anger, frustration, disgust, hope and fear that we felt through it all. We even made our first video. This is who we are, this is us. Thanks for listening:)

Recording our new album

We're playing one more show before taking a 3 month hiatus to write and record our new album. The show will be at the Whisky a go go on Thursday April 21st at 10:30. Message us that you're coming and we'll put your name on a list where you will have discounted entry.

We've been auditioning new bass players and it's been going great! No shortage of talented bassists out here in LA.

What else...umm, oh we have an app now. So I guess we've made it. Seriously go to the app store on iTunes and download the Saveoursouls app. It's completely free and it will automatically update every time you open it with any new info, shows, music, videos etc that we post. Isn't that great? Seriously that's so great, I'm thrilled as you can tell by this exclamation point! Gotta go, the movie Overboard is on. See ya!

We're going in to record some new tracks right around the holidays!

Hey guys, we'll be playing 2 more shows before the holidays come around; one at The Mint in west LA on Sunday December 12th, the other on Tuesday December 14th at Harper's in Tarzana. I hope a bunch of you can make it to the shows.

We've been hard at work writing new music and it's been going so well, I'm very happy with the new material and can't wait to have the finished recordings and get them out to you guys. We will be recording in the next month, but for now we will be playing these songs live so come to the show, check 'em out and tell us what you think about them.

Happy Holidays!!

-George William

World premiere of the track "Siren" with Save Our Souls ft. Yung Berg!

On Friday May 14th, Save Our Souls will be performing the new track "Siren" along with platinum recording artist Yung Berg! Discounted tickets are currently available through us, but we have a limited number, message us asap if you'd like to reserve one for yourself. Thanks! -SOS

The Playboy Mansion!!


A new year...a new name. We, formerly known as Chiba-Ken, have a new band name... Save our Souls.

And our first show as Save Our Souls is pretty impressive. We're playing the Playboy Mansion's Super Bowl Party!!

After the game it's gonna be playmates and strippers rocking out to our set! Open bar, food, playmates (in no particular order)...what more could we ask for?

Oh how about a video of the whole thing so everyone can see it. DONE!

Save Our Souls!!