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Hello & Welcome

Welcome Friends,

I want to thank all of you for all the Support & Luv, it means alot to me. Update... It's been a while,my doctor's removed 2 cancer polups from my colon, I have 2 see a specialist later this month of May 2011' to keep up to date, check "My Blog" pg.20 on my Artsite; http://www.kingkaps7.mysite.com link above!

I was diagnosed with Cancer in Nov.10"& started meds & test's in Dec.10" I tier real easy & it's just day to day friends! I'am on a unexspected hiatis, I still send out invites & here on & off, So you Comment me, I'll Comment you! Sound good!!

Take care & have a Musical & Productive day Friends! Thank you..Frank

"When words are not enough! Music say's everything" F.