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900 Voices Video

I am proud to have been a part of Grammy winner Laura Sullivan's '900 Voices' video. it is getting so much acclaim around the world.

Film Score

Busy working on my first film. A super hero comedy. I hope to have more music posted here in August.

Radio Interview.

Getting ready for a radio interview at the University of Evansville's WUEV. We'll be discussing the in's & out's of film scoring. I'll bring my music to the broadcast & discuss how my music came about for these cues. Look up the site & listen! Date TBA for sometime in March.

News 4 U Magazine Article

An Interview with David Schnerr: Composer,Arranger, Orchestrator by Tamatha Lant @ News 4 U May 2012 A delightful man with a warm and gregarious manner, David Schnerr is well known in the music industry as a composer, arranger and orchestrator. Schnerr’s travels have indeed been remarkable such as his acceptance into the American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers in 2010. He is a member of ASMAC, ASCAP, the League of Composers, The Registry of Guitar Tutors, the LA Jazz Society and a faculty member of Riverbend Academy in Henderson, KY. In this interview, David discusses a brief overview of his musical background and shares insight on many of the other notable projects and musicians he's affiliated with. The information presented in this interview is just a drop in the ocean. There is much more to tell and share. In all, this is an interesting interview with a composer who has a lot to offer the creative world. Could you give us some information about your musical background? I was always going to be a composer. I wrote 2 compositions when I was 6. I thought I had conquered the world. As I got older and learned more theory and harmony, my writing started maturing. By the time I was 12 I had been through the Piston theory and the Kennan orchestration texts along with several others and my writing was pretty polished. I know you play a lot of live music–how does that differ from creating music in the studio? We just performed Haydn's Little Organ Mass and Vivaldi's Gloria at First United Methodist Church in Henderson, Ky, but most of my time is spent composing. Composing is very intricate and detailed. It is etched in stone, so you have to be totally committed to your end product. I don't use computer score writers, I use printed score paper and pencils. When I transmit scores, I have them scanned into PDF files. My studio isn't like most you see. No drums, guitars and effects gadgets. Mine is what is known as a 'project studio'. I have a MIDI keyboard, audio interface and a computer with a recording studio and a full symphony orchestra in it. What arrangements and orchestrations have you created or developed for conventional (classical) and commercial projects? Currently I am connected, via internet, with other musicians in England, Italy, Germany and Russia. I'm working on a piece for Andrea Mogavero, an Italian flutist. Who have you enjoyed working with most? Presently, I love working with the First United Methodist Church Orchestra and Chorus under the direction of Matthew Vanover. You certainly have a wide range of work in the Modern and Modal Jazz styles. Is there a score that you feel "defines" you? - A score that you could take and hand to people and say, "This is me." The RB Modern bag is what I like as far as jazz. As a classical composer my style is Romantic/Post Romantic and Contemporary.

Tamatha R. Lant

Nes4U publications May's issue 2012 written by Tamatha Lant

Solo Concert a Success!

My solo concert "Music On Main" at Riverbend Academy was a success. A big storm kept people at home, but we still had a pretty nice attendance. As a fundraiser, this one will be hard to beat even with a smaller-than-usual audience. I played everything from Bach to Hendrix. Matthew Vanover, our Artistic Director, did my sound and I appreciate him putting up with me. I appreciate Donna Stinnett at the Henderson Gleaner for her very nice article about me.