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Pornstar Ninja Samurai Re-Release

Read the page below for the background on the sometime porn star that inspired this song by his death in June of 2010. http://www.salon.com/2010/06/09/stephen_hill_porns_lost_boys/


Our drummer managed to shatter a glass-wife-decoration on a window sill and slash his flexor tendons of his right hand. Healed. Now we rock again.


QN guarantees that POSTAL has nothing to do with the LAX shootings, that occurred one week after upload of the song. We know that, because, by our calculations, less than .0000001% of the population has ever been listening. Half of them are not male. So there.

New Year Greetings

The sound of Questionable Neighbors settles as serenely in your mind, as it does in the center of the lotus. Though it be a string of zeros and ones (literally; there is no acoustic output) the sum is incalculable to you, the listener (again, literally...the Boolean sum of 7-8 tracks of digital audio data would be difficult to calculate for us).

The true product of this drivel is to welcome you a New Year of the QN show. Always sporadically produced. Always free. Guaranteed to partially entertain you.

Two songs for the price of NONE!

Yes, fans...Slaver in anticipation...QN has posted two (yes, two) songs for the usual low, low, price of zero Dollars ($0.0 USD)! What, you ask, could possibly be better? A shameless audio info-mercial, "Turn It UP," AND our newest song, glorifying patriotic lawbreaking: "Tax Evasion." Isn't the Internet fabulous? Pump these soothing compression waves through your little vestibulocochlear nerve and fill your mind with almost 4 full minutes of that QN groove!*

*QN takes no responsibility for the consequences of any actions taken due to prolonged exposure to audio produced by this band.**

**QN has no assets. Just a thought.

Lupin Lodge

1/17/12 The recording that just happened is a result of when Yap and Lilja are left alone, in the studio, without supervision. Vengeance on our two-timing, cover-band nudist colony playing guitarist!!!

Suicide by Sonja RELEASED

QN now declares JUNE to be "Laziness and Lack of Productivity Month! Yes, blew our promise you you by taking LONGER than a month to crank out a new song... So, celebrate L&LPM by downloading our latest hit, Suicide by Sonja (SbS) to your friends' high-end home entertainment systems!

We promise to churn out our next song, which we believe will be under 120 seconds, but that means it will be chock full of more tasteless yuks per time volume than ever!

We know you expect only lofty subject matter from us, and you know we have delivered in our past productions (e.g. people eaten by dogs, loose stools, criminal treachery). I assure you that this latest song is actually MORE tasteless than the lyrics really let on.

However, you'll have to prod Yap into telling you more...


We call it "art...." You call it "low quality..." Yes, MEXICAN TOILET, QN's newest creation, is about to hit the cable-waves TONIGHT on CINCO DE MAYO!!!! Our latest production absolutely guarantees the low-brow humor AND the crap mix quality you've come to expect from past QN creations. Our mixing software on the old DAW (GARAGEBAND) cost us as much as the download does you, so we have little to complain about. Really, we have put about as much investment into that as we do practice time. This latest song cannot be played in polite company, so enjoy (in private, with none of your friends witnessing your behavior as you snicker). ROCK THE TOILET!

Production Notes

The Daemons of Musik Creation (DMC, for future reference) drive us, relentlessly, to post. Years have passed, where our music was never good enough to disseminate... Doomed to limbo in the ether of magnetic drives.

No more! we have grown weak, and the Daemons drive us to post, tormenting us to produce, regardless of how half-baked the mix seems to be! Quantity is now the master of quality!

Therefore, dear fan, forgive us for any less-than-studio quality production. Assume the mixes are "bootlegs" as, in reality they actually are recordings of the first session takes.

I assure you, once the Daemons force us to post multiple takes, we'll try to work on what's out there and clean it up. They are harsh. Have pity.


I am certain that the agony of birth is nothing when compared to the pain we experience creating for you, dear listener. At least mothers have epidurals, whereas we are left to the mercy of the daemons themselves to torment us night and day.

We ask ourselves, continuously, if it is best to post the rough, but spontaneous original take, full of imperfections in the performance but bursting with mana? Should we massage a piece to death until it is technical perfection but has had the vampire of OCD suck the squirming soul from the music's guts?

If you only knew our suffering on your behalf.