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Hey whats up, this is Kim--Welcome to my REVERBNATION page!! This will be my 1st ever blog on reverb I hope you enjoy it, & my music Before I start, I'd like to say everything I'm doing is in dedication to my brother. My music is all in memory of him, I miss him so much!! I've been singing ever since I could remember, but wanted to become a professional singer after meeting Scott Stapp, lead singer of Creed (see pics) We were backstage w/Creed and the band in Mercedes, Tx. and will be again Sept. 4th this year, OMG I can't wait!!!!! I"ll post more pics then!!! Now talking about my song "HEY YOU" which I'm glad you all like it, its about preps that are in every school, always thinking they're better than everybody else. Trust me, been there done that! I've been told a lot of girls are going thru the same thing, so I hope my song encourages all those girls going thru the same things I did! My Father who has always been there for me wrote this "AWESOME" song for me in about 10 minutes WOW!!! He writes so many awesome songs everyday, can't wait to record them too, and for you to hear them, he is really a great song writer. Read more: http://www.myspace.com/kny0593/blog#ixzz0yhLSCtbv