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Hey all, we have a brand new video for "open For Business" out now. The song is a call to arms against greedy promoters who use pay to play schemes on young bands and battle of the bands. Watch it NOW! http://youtu.be/JO4aNf3M4X0

Summer Tour

We are hitting the road again in July! Check our show listings for our new tour in LA, FL, TN, AR, and OK

Wow! An Update

Hey All,

What with all the avenues of social media at our disposal, it is hard to keep up with every site we have an account with. That said, we have some great music coming out soon. We have been recording our new album and it is all coming out really great so far. Big thanks to all supported us on our successful Kickstarter campaign to go towards productioin costs!

We have had a great 2012. Our summer tour went really well, although our van was being a butt. We had some great shows at home and played with amazing bands like Fishbone, Hub city Stompers, The Toasters, The Slackers, and others! If you like updates you might want to visit us on Facebook. Link is www.facebook.com/rudekingska

Thanks for the support!


Rude King

Rude King family is growing

Thanks to all the new fans we have had the pleasure of knowing so far. We have beefed up or horn section with an additional trombone and a bari and tenor sax. Jesse, Chris, and Mike joined us this year have been kicking butt. Please check out our show listing for a show near you and be ready for our next tour this summer.

Rude King tonight!

Hey Everyone, We just wanted to let you all know we have a show tonight (June 3) at Liquid Lounge in Deep Ellum (Dallas). We will be joined by The Effinays, Shaka, and Tin Can Riot! It will be a very fun show so be there. We also are happy to say that we have finished tracking our new CD so look out for it in your hands soon! That's it for now.

Hey Revernation fans

We are still getting used to all the differnt ways to reach you so we will be trying to keep up with Revernation. You can always catch us on our facebook and listen to our stuff on myspace. Later Rude King