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The New Rehab Fixtape Coming Soon!! With J.L Featured as well!!

Whats going on people, I just wanted to pass the information on That Rehab will be having a New Fixtape surfacing soon, and Yours Truly will be on the Fixtape, Check it out as soon as you get a chance. I will definetly let you know when it hits the ground running. THX Everybody, PLZ Listen to J.L and PLZ pick up the ALBUM "A Little Everything" Available Soon. THX

My New Reverbnation

Im new to reverbnation, so Im just trying to get everything that they have to offer working properly. If you recieve stuff that you dont want just let me know and I will attempt to rid of it. For those who dont mind. I hope that you check out the tracks and come back and listen. I will be trying to post new tracks every week. Thanks