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New album

In August we will be going into the studio to record a brand spanking new album. We are under a new label, Dream Wolf Entertainment and they want Dragons of Wicca, that is what they want so that is what they will get, we will be recording the album in my Eufaula, Ok recording studio and tour, we will see

Waiting to fly again

I have Aponi Gold here and we have been talking about letting the Dragons fly again, but she still has no kit and I am trying to get my new guitar built, Prototype 7 quit but I have released a new album, Wicced Rockabilly Acid metal available at wiccedram.com, the album was recorded before Prototype 7 quit. So hang on, we trying to get Dragons of Wicced flying

Getting better

Since my accident I have been recovering nicely, I am still unable to spend a lot of time practicing like I have, but my my healer says it may not take as long as first diagnosed. Peace love and Rock -n- Roll Rock Hard or Die Sarah

Dragons are back!

Dragons of Wicca is back with new album Transition