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Is it just me or have I been brainwashed with fairytales growing up, to now believe they ACTUALLY exist. Then I try to say to myself, "No, that's it, not another. HE can Piss Off." Yet then I find it hard as I so do want to believe that my Knight in Shining Armour will come and rescue me.....Rescue Me from What exactly ??

Time is Now

Its been a long time coming but I want this more than ever now, and it shows in my vocals

No Looking Back

After a much needed relocation. I feel I have also come into my own. My vocals and songwriting skills have made a dramatic improvement. Please stay on the look out for up and coming shows and videos and most of all New Music.

With the power of Universal Love I have become more confident in staying true to my heart and convictions.

Woah!!!! This is a lot of hard work..........

.....but enjoyable all the same. After putting together the financials for my business plan, I can actually see why this industry is soooo profitable. This has given me more of a drive to succeed and "Go For It" I mean what have I to lose. Absolutely nothing, because everything to me now, is for experience. I know my limits and refuse to abuse them. Thus, abusing my mind and body. It's so time to FREE the MIND and make that leap...............

Where am I heading....

Well, the last few days have been spectacular. I have worked hard only taking in 13 hours sleep in over three days. Wow! I would call myself a Music Den Junkie, but I shall not be going to rehab ever, so I'm proud to say I'm and Addict lol.

First track from Deckstar, finished in one night. Well my part anyway.

2nd Track from Skanka Productions - hook and 1st verse finished within 3 hours

3rd track, well still waiting for this, was too tired this morning to wait for it, so shall be getting in contact again.

My mind won't stop working, I'm going into overload, but in a good, positive way......xxxxx