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New Year

Thank you for another great year. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over this last year, liked our page listened to our music, bought our music, attended our gigs.

It’s been another good year for us even though it started with one of the shitiest gigs we have ever done, not in terms of playing, but by being totally used to sell tickets for an absolute wanker of a so called promoter. We actually performed well, even after hanging around for 7 hours.

We have completed most of the recording work on the new album and will have it ready for launch at the Woodstock Wellwood February 25th. We are looking forward to 2012 with the embryo of our next album at the forefront of our minds. We are being more and more selective with the gigs we do and will be limiting the amount of live shows to the ones we really want to do.

We have met some great people and new bands, The Gloop, The Coffins, The Fighting 69th, Patrol, RPG, Crimedesk, The System, great bands well worth catching live.

Have met, through Facebook, with The Cundeez, Confusion, The Cosmonauts who we look forward to seeing or hopefully gigging with. Of course, not forgetting our good friends, Fireside Aliens and Strangetouch who yet again continue to come through to darkest Fife to entertain us.

To all the Radio Stations playing our songs especially: Andy Gee at Radio North Angus Dusty Miller at Splash Radio, sadly he has just left them. Loyd Harrel for playing us on Fist Rock Radio and promotion on all his groups and pages. Arron Philips at Amazing Radio Every one at Pluto Radio Dogs got a bone radio, Mike and Kel at Sky High Radio, Chris Nash at 6 Towns Radio

Venues and promoters we would like to thank especially: Edd at Pirate Promotions, for the continual support.

Whistle Binkies, Edinburgh, hope to have more good nights here.

The Moorings, Aberdeen, through Fudge Promotions, would love to get back up here sometime.

Woodstock Music Club, Wellwood, Wardy and Arfur are doing a great job.

Coady’s, Dunfermline, what a great sound system, hope to get back here in the new year.

The OMC, Joe Bone and Allan Doyle, one of the best gigs we’ve done.

Tim at Broons Bar, Dumfries

TFR Promotions

PJ Molloys, Dunfermline

Once again a huge thank you to one and all, almost 3 years and 2 albums. This year will be the 3rd, bring it on.

New Album

Time to start the serious work on the new album. We already have Demos done for the following:

When Can't Stop this Feeling Breaking Free Strange Thing Don't Piss Down My Back (and Tell me It's Raining) Anger is a Gift

We've been gigging these songs for a few months now and even had the demos played on Splash Radio, by Dusty Miller and on Radio North Angus by Andy Gee. We have another 2 songs well on the way, one a rocky little riff-tastic thing and one that is shaping up to be off epic proportions. We may go the whole hog and have Keyboards on it. We might just squeeze in another song on the way.

We are going to record the whole thing in one go over a 2 week period hopefully sometime in September/October and a release for Deceber time. That's the plan anyway. Less gigging and more song writing time is the order of the day.

Gigging wise we are back at Whistle Binkies on 27th July then down to Dumfries and a gig back at Broons Bar for a festival Tim is putting on there. Then onto Soundhaus Glasgow for the Pirate Music night with The Coffins and Fireside Aliens, that's a great line up.

Thank you to every on who has liked our page, listened to the music, visited our Reverbnation page and generally supported us.

2 years older


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This is from the Facebook page of OMC. It's a group of bands setting up in Glasgow, we're part of this even though we're from Fife, as 80% of our gigs are in Glasgow, to give bands the chance to play gigs the way they should be. If you play in Glasgow regularly check it out. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Original-Music-Collective/1951626...

Do you recognise these scenarios: The "promoter" calls or emails you, asking if you will play bar "X" at "Y" time on "Z" date. Not once offering any incentive other than house amps and half a battered drum kit. Once you agree, the "promoter" then disappears and you turn up to play as you promised. Of course there is no promoter at the gig? despite the fact he said he'd be there, the venue has predictably used your name to promote his "free live music" All your fans and friends will come and support you of course, and of course they will buy drinks. You might get a sound check, you might not and you may be on at 7pm, 9pm or 11pm? thus keeping your hard working fans and friends drinking away! So there you are on stage at 11pm on a weekday night, your fans and friends have thinned out due to the late hour, the fans of the bands on before you have all left and suddenly you come to a realization? There's a door steward ...he must be getting paid?...there's 4 bar staff, they must be getting paid?...there's the sound guy, surely he must be getting paid. And your invisible "promoter" well, we can suppose that he ain't doing it for nothing. This brings with it a stark realisation, that the venue you have just played, has relied completely on the attraction of your "free live music" for its patronage that night, and on yours and the other bands fans and friends for the copious amounts of drinks sold. Your promoter has gained his kudos and fee for supplying bands and the staff are all paid and in bed while you are undertaking the 50 mile drive home with the tinny echos of your extremely expensive instruments that you pay good money to rehearse and write your own material with, still ringing in your ears. Now stop and think, did you get paid, acknowledged or even thanked?.........................what the f*ck were you thinking! Now....................................lets turn the tables!

or this one

At Interview In Bar "How Much Is The Pay?" Bar Manager "Oh You Dont Get Paid And Could you Bring All Of Your Mates When Your Working To Keep The Bar Busy ?" "Get Lost Nobody Would Do That !" ....... "The Bands Do !" ... think again guys .. think OMC "

We are 2

The band is another year older and maybe just a wee bit wiser, now it’s February 2011 and we’ve been doing this for 2 years. We have met and made some great new friends, either in person on in cyberspace, played with some great bands. You all know who you are. They are all named in previous blogs.

We have done 62 gigs, some superb, 2 or 3 not so good, but at every one of them we gave our all. We have only ever cancelled one gig and that was due to the snow in December. Up till now we have used the philosophy if they want to book us we will turn up and play, anytime anywhere. This year we are going to be more selective on the choice of venues and promoters we work with. The venues and promoters who have continued to support us over the last 2 years and keep having us back, will hopefully continue with this support in 2011. Again, you know who you are and it’s a real pleasure to work with you.

As for the rest, if you want a band that is committed, can actually tune and play their instruments, always turn up on time, give you or the sound guys no shit and just get on and put on a tight powerful set, by all means get in touch. We always promote the shit out off all our gigs, across all our sites and include the other bands on the bill on all flyers, event postings etc. As long as you let us know before hand that is. We do our bit, but you have to ask yourself do you do enough or do any of the other bands you book.

We actually turned up at one venue only to find that we were not advertised and even after 3 messages confirming the booking the guy on the night did not know we were coming. Another time we turn up at a venue and they then stick us on before the actual start time for the night and the people coming to see us came in and caught us as we were leaving the stage. F*****g really professional. At another venue we are told to be there at 8:00, we get there to be told no sound check, then after some time finally get told we are on last, 12.00am, after a band that only had 4 songs, another band that were so out of tune it was painful, then another who were pissed and it showed, we finally get on at 1.00am. The PA was a piece of shit and if you trod on a cable the sound packed in, a brilliant night not. We don’t want any more like this please. There are a few more examples like these where the band was treated like a piece of shit but we did not act up and did our stuff anyway. Perhaps we should have just gone home on these occasions. Who knows.

Have I mentioned we have released our album on Bandcamp, have to plug it I’m afraid. theothersideuk.bandcamp.com 11 songs and all for a fiver. We are also getting CD’s printed, if you are like me and don’t do the download thing, I still listen to vinyl, and prefer a physical copy contact us at kirby1962@hotmail.com. We have already started work on our next album and have 4 songs already complete, demos will be posted soon. These a rough approximations of what the finished songs will be like. We are going to concentrate on writing and recording new songs and less on the gigging this year.

A huge thank you to all the radio stations, both here and all over the world, playing our songs and promoting our name.

Another year older

So the end of another year and we’ve done a huge amount over the past 12 months. We now have 11 songs recorded and intend launching our album, Catch the Sun, on ITunes etc early next year. We already have 4 songs ready for the next one. 43 gigs 4 of which we organised ourselves, we will continue doing this next year as a means to get other good bands through toFife. Our last gig of this year is at The Red Goth in Lochore, where we will be trying out a new set of songs in readiness for next year and saying goodbye to some of our older songs. Come along if you are in the area, Sunday 19th December. We will be on at about 4:00pm and playing for well over an hour. We are also looking to gig South of the border next year, roundabout May/June, so any venues/promoters down there give us a shout, you wont regret it. We are now offering our recording services to other bands and have already recorded a couple of tracks for Strangetouch. If you’re interested listen to our songs to see what we can achieve. Get in touch to discuss what we can offer you. So now it’s time for another big thank you to everyone. Once again a huge thank you to everyone who visited, left comments sent messages etc on Myspace, Facebook, Reverbnation, Labtones, Woho Music, Soundcloud, Amazing Tunes, etc. And everyone who came to one of our 43 gigs. But especially Edd from Pirate Music who gives us masses of support, comes to gigs, takes pics/videos, promotes us like mad and spreads the name. We even managed to play at one of his own gigs, The Pirate Halloween Gig at Soundhause. Great night, check out the vids from it. Artemis who gives us masses of support and promotion. Robert Mac and John McKinley for coming to gigs and spreading our name. They do as much to promote our gigs as we do. The guys from Strangetouch who spread our name, come and support us all over Scotland. Check them out they are brilliant. Strangetouch, Fireside Aliens, and Storm in a D Cup for coming through to Fife and making our self organised gigs such a success. Iain from Alternative for continual support. Mark @ Wasted Photography for all the pics and the video, Still owe him a pint. Andy G, from Dead Earnest, for support, promotion and playing our tunes. Dusty Miller for support, promotion and playing our tunes on Splash Radio. The DJ’s at Amazing Radio for support, promotion and playing our tunes Find them all on our top friends. To all the venues and promoters who have given gigs and support to a bunch of unknowns (but getting there) from Fife. In alphabetical order they are: The Ark, Edinburgh (Sadly no longer with us) Bannermans, Edinburgh Box, Glasgow The Bread, Dundee (DD Promotions) Broons Bar, Dumfries Chambers, Dundee The Cooler, Dundee (PBF Promotions) Dexters, Dundee Get Loose Promotions The Greenside, Leslie Henrys Cellar Bar, Edinburgh House of Rock Promotions Hustlers, Dundee The Institute, Lochore MacSorleys, Glasgow Rockers, Glasgow (Sadly no longer with us, what a waste) Maggie Mays, Glasgow PJ Malloys, Dunfermline PIVO PIVO, Glasgow (Single Skin Promotions) The Red Goth, Lochore Rubber Stamp Promotions Soundhaus, Glasgow TFR Promotions Wayne @ DD Promotions Weekend Revolution The Wellesley Inn, Methil Whistle Binkies, Edinburgh The Yard, Leith, (Colossal Promotions) Z1 Bikers Please keep supporting these venues and promoters, bands like us need them. Thanks to all the Sound Engineers who have made us sound good. For next year more of the same. We are looking forward to new venues, meeting new friends, working with other promoters and all of the above again. From the hardest working, tightest band around.

Thanks a million to all.

The start of another month

The start of another month for us. First, a huge thank you to MacSorelys and the guys from TFR Promotions for Tuesday night. It was only us and Strangetouch on the bill and this allowed us to play almost our entire set. We we’re allowed to play for well over an hour, a rare thing for unsigned bands like us.

We are now really looking forward to Sunday and seeing Strangetouch, who did a cracking set on Tuesday, Fireside Aliens and Storm in a D Cup. The gig has been moved into the main hall, so the bands will get to play on a real stage for a change instead of the usual floor or small risers we usually get. Get down to this gig as it’s only £1 entry and the club has the cheapest drink prices in Fife.

Then it’s onwards to Dundee and Hustlers on the 16th. This is a great venue owned and run by Dave who is one of the most enthusiastic persons I have come across. He has a great PA and superb Sound Engineers. It’s always a pleasure.

On the 29th we are finally doing a gig for our good friend and main promoter, photographer, gig goer, etc, Edd from Pirate Promotions. He has put on a cracking line up in The Soundhaus. Again we’re on the bill with Strangetouch and Fireside Aliens, supporting Majestic Dandelions. This is going to be a cracker.

Then it’s onto Methil, a first for us and one of our rare gigs in Fife at The Wellesly Inn. Why is it so hard to get gigs in the place we all come from? A question that continues to puzzle me. We have been invited by Linda (aka Punk Babe) and we are very grateful for the opportunity. Especially as I am currently living in Methil so a real easy gig for me to get to.

As we didn’t get time to record our new songs in September we are going to try and do some recording this month. Need to get the new songs done as they are going down extremely well live.

Last, a huge thank you to Michael at www.twistyfoldy.net for the pictures from MacSorelys. Check out his other work it’s amazing.


We've done 33 gigs this year so far and last nights is up there as one of the best, what a great atmosphere. I'll be smiling for a week it was so good. It makes all the effort worth while. We are now having a 3 week break to concentrate on recording. We have 2 new songs ready for recording and still need to re-record about 5 of our old songs. I am determined to get Voyage sounding the way it does when we do it live. So it's going to be a busy 3 weeks, we will probably work on new songs as well. Me and Sned are working on an acoustic set of our songs and a couple of covers, so we can do some impromptu gigs. We have added a couple of covers as some of our more riff based tunes don’t translate well onto acoustics. I have been playing the guitar for over 20 years and this will be a first for me as I never play acoustic guitar, except when I’m drunk. Onwards to 28th September and MacSorleys with our good friends Strangetouch. We will launch the 2 new songs there.

Then there were 4

So, the final line up for our gig at Lochore institute.

Ourselves, our very good friends Strangetouch and Fireside Aliens are now joined by Storm in a D Cup. Both Strangetouch and Fireside Aliens played at The Goth gig in April and went down a storm. Both are well worth seeing at any time in any place. We played with Storm in a D Cup the first time we played at Clydebank and they impressed us greatly.

So what do you get for £1. Four great bands, a good time and a bank holiday weekend all wrapped up in one.

Get ready to Rock.

PS 28th September, get to MacSorleys in Glasgow to see us and Strangetouch in action.

What a weekend

What a great weekend we've just had. It started off with Sned turning up with the best Van any band could ask for, shear luxury, entire PA and band and equipment, transported in comfort. Onto Tibbie Shiels Inn on the banks of St. Mary's Loch, to play at the Z1 Owners Rally. Set up the PA sound check then wait for it all to commence. Budgie had made up 5 Rock compilation Cd's to play before and between the bands. The sun was shining the Midgies were eating everyone alive and just after 8 o'clock Fireside Aliens kicked things off with a blistering set, if you've not seen them yet, you're missing out on a great live band who really enjoy what their doing. Great songs and full of energy. Then with the sun sinking we take to the stage, played every song we know and a cover of Pretty Vacant, it's becoming to feel like a part of our set. The whole night was brilliant. After partaking in few drinks (mem: far too much)we proceed the next day to Dumfries and a gig in Broons Bar. Exact same set again and even with the hangovers, it was another success. This must be one of the best pubs in Dumfries, ( we did visit a few after our set. So a huge thank you to James Bauld for the Z1 Owners gig, supplying beer and a place to stay. To Tim at Broons Bar for giving us the gig, showing us around Dumfries, filling us full of drink and putting us up in house. I was still smiling (and recovering) on Tuesday, you don't get many weekends like this.