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"We are pleased to announce the new OFFICIAL Shawn Phillips website with all the information you might need on shows, bookings, music, tour newsletters, press information, and much more. Visit us today on www.shawnphillipsmusic.com "




It's not too late to get in on this great project!

Shawn is pleased to announce that he is working on a new CD containing 20 tracks. As many of you know, Shawn has assumed responsibility for the substantial costs of production and distribution of his music in recent years. It is a labor of love and he remains dedicated to bringing the music to you; however, only your generous contributions in the past MONEYDANCE fundraising events have made it possible. MONEYDANCE 5 is underway, with a goal of $20,000, and we're confident that it will be the best yet. Let Shawn know he can count on your support! For details on MONEYDANCE and learn how you can participate in naming the new CD and get a free signed copy. Click here for more information and make a contribution:


Click and Watch this amazing new video from Shawn!


Perhaps the most exciting news of all is Shawn's anticipated 2013 North American tour. Many of you read his heart wrenching letter back in February in which he explained that he may no longer be able to tour, and were deeply saddened by the news, holding out hope for a change in circumstances and offering prayers on behalf of Shawn and his situation. Today, we are happy to report that tour planning 2013 is underway. The tour dates and schedule will be posted when they become available. Anyone interested in booking a home concert please go to (link) for details or contact Arlo Hennings at manager@shawnphillips.com

A dedicated web page is being set up to provide more detailed information and to respond to inquiries.

Thank you all so much for your ongoing love and support for Shawn and your dedication to his music.

Wishing you health, love and clarity!

Nera Jaksic
Nera Jaksic  (about 4 years ago)

Let's get shawn on TV to the world why is he notsuperstar? He's been inmy heart for 35 years. Someone answer this? Is the cape shawn wears in moneydance same or copy of cape he wears on cover of 2nd contribution. Answer to nera.jaksic@gmail.com. Is anyone out there that can help me help shawn.


Buy Shawn's hand made CD REFLECTIONS NOW Shawn Phillips has an EXCLUSIVE One of kind hand made audio CD that comes with a letter of Authentication and his autograph and only 500 will ever be made. They are going quickly so please follow the link to purchase one.


A special video of a HOUSE CONCERT up in Moose Lake, MN

Mr. & Mrs. Dyke invited us up to their cabin in Moose Lake for a very special day with them and Shawn Phillips. We had a wonderful time with the Dyke's and a most memorable evening with Shawn Phillips.

Click on the link to watch the video. More to come with full video footage, this is a montage of photos taken from that day to capture the moments of splendid song, company and food.


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Now you can get that favorite Shawn Phillips ablum art cover or photo on several merchandise items on ZAZZLE.com Be it a Tie, a T-Shirt, a Mug, a Mousepad, a Key Chain or even a cap. Most items are customizable. So sto on by at your liesure and browse around, leave a comment if you like or if you dont see something your looking for we migh tbe able to put something together for you. Thank you for your support. http://www.zazzle.com/shawnphillips_emh