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America Rising! An Open Letter To The Democrats!

AMERICA RISING! The Brave, The Strong, The Free Again!

This is an incredible video showing the promises that were used to get the Obama administration into the White House. It goes on to show how these promises have been continually broken by the Obama Administration. It shows how most, is not all Americans, are becoming tired of the continued lies and disrespect being displayed by the Democrats. There is no denying the majority of the Democrats have treated their own constituents with the utmost disrespect and as if they do not have to even speak to them, much less answer to them.

Most Americans have spent the past 20 years building their business and families, not contemplating wars. The majority of Americans have never once thought to do the things that our politicians have already done in the worlds eyes, yet it's the people who are being blamed by the Obama administration, well us and we can't forget their favorite goat, the Bush administration. The main reason for our being blamed is because the current president has gone around the world apologizing for the actions of the American people, when its the actions of our government he should be apologizing for.

This administration has not kept one single promise they made to us before the elections nor have they helped our economy with the additional money they demanded from us. Money, that to this very day, no one in the Obama administration can account for. To be fair, they can account for 14%.

They have held secret meetings excluding a great portion of the nations representatives, which is unconstitutional. They've done this in order to load the health care plan down with their own private agendas while blaming the delays on the Republicans. When the Democrats are confronted about their deception, they return to the people hatred and name calling instead of the expected, respectful conversation. They have supported the islamic/muslim community while continually speaking against our own military, even when our boys are killed innocently within their own barracks by Islamic Terrorist!

We must stand up right now to this democratic administration, its liberals, socialist, marxist, non-elected czars and all those who stand between us and our freedom!

We must force the democrats to remember they not only served us, they held our futures in their hands and instead of doing what they promised, they made things much worse, not only for us now, but for our children years from now!

We really must to use this administration to show ALL politicians now and in the future, we mean business!

Let's bring real change to America in November!

Let's show the world we have what it takes to rise to the occasion!

Let's vote Republican in November and elect our representatives!

And once elected, if they don't do it exactly what we want them to and what they promised to, then lets agree right now, to start over completely. We can do this people, we are brave, we are strong, we ...are Americans!

Hopefully this will never happen again!