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Food For Thought...

Food for Thought… Everybody learns to speak as they mimic sounds around them and 80% if communication is non verbal. So how did sounds and meaning become linked? Are we as humans just ‘wired’ and drawn towards the auditory? Is being drawn to sound and music an intrinsic aspect of being human just as learning how to communicate through sounds?? Is there a society in the world where hearing humans do not have a form of communication that involves sounds?

Philosopher Schopenhauer stated that music, of all the art forms is the highest and purest due to its ability to connect with human emotion. He was speaking specifically about the works of Richard Wagner .

However I would add to that music, more so than the other art forms, most fundamentally mimics the most basic elements of our universe. Like in music, nothing is complete chaos. Everything is linked under a universal harmony of intervals and how each group of (musical) patterns is interrelated and to the universal whole (just like in tonality).

"So Real"

So Real is a track that was very much written in pieces. It was begun in Bangkok but finally came together in my home studio this year.

It is about making proper life choices and owning up to decisions that have been made that did not work out for the best.

I hope you enjoy!

Much love and thanks for the support, Keep it "Real" -Erika


Hey Guys, Thanks so much for listening! This new song 'Crush' was written when I was studding in Paris and it goes out to all those guys who have caught my eye but I have never had the guts to tell.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it for you.

Best, -Erika Leydig