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I'll keep this short, I promise!

I just want to know one thing: What is "Have" and why does everyone want me to BE it?! When I'm told to behave, it never fails to confuse me...

Simple steps to bettering your life!

An excerpt from "The science of getting rich" by Wallace T. Wattles. This was published in 1911, and the teachings still hold true to this day...

""There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in it's original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the inter-spaces of the universe."---"A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought."---"Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created."---"Dwell upon your mental picture until it is clear and distinct, and then take the mental attitude of ownership toward everything in that picture.""

It's been proven time and again for over a century that any human, by means of positive thought, can draw positive energies to them. It's truly simple, just give it a try, persevere, and your life will truly change for the better!

So, if you imagine yourself being rich (or whatever you may desire) and convince yourself that you WILL attain your desire, it will happen. The trick is convincing yourself beyond any doubt that you will receive what you've imagined, and persevere in that positive affirmation. Never doubt this for even a second, because doubt can sometimes be very negative, and negativity draws negative things (and people) to you. ~~Rev. Jaymz G.E.D.

Chief White Cloud

"Your religious calling was written on plates of stone by the flaming finger of an angry God."

"Our religion was established by the traditions of our ancestors, the dreams of our elders that are given to them in the silent hours by the Great Spirit. And the premonitions of the learned beings."

"It is written in the hearts of our people, thus: We do not require churches - which would only lead us to argue over God. And the thought that white men should rule over nature and change its ways to his liking, was never understood by the red man."

"Our belief is that the Great Spirit has created all things. Not just mankind, but all animals, all plants, all rocks, all on Earth and amongst the stars with true soul. For us, all life is holy."

"But. You do not understand our prayers when we address the Sun, Moon, and Winds. You have judged us without understanding, only because our prayers are different."

"But we are able to live in harmony with all of nature. All of nature is within us and we are all part of nature." ---Chief White Cloud

The missing link?

The "Missing link" of human evolution is missing for a reason.... Long ago, aliens, whom looked much like we do now, came to Earth to mine Earth's gold. They used, as slaves (and later, companions) our quasi-human counterparts that we call "the missing link" to mine for certain heavy metals. They mined iridium and gold and used a chemical process to break them down 'mono-atomic' levels to use as sort of batteries to power their ships. ------------------------------------------------ Recipe for monoatomic gold or, ORME gold:

Here is the DRY method in brief:

1. Start with dry mineral powder. 2. Boil it in lye water at pH 12. 3. Filter and discard the precipitate. 4. Add distilled white vinegar or hydrochloric acid (HCl) to the filtered liquid to lower the pH to 8.5. 5. Let the precipitate settle overnight. 6. Remove the liquid above the precipitate. 7. Wash the precipitate. That is calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, and a small amount of m-state material. ------------------------------------------------- Well, this went on for many generations of 'humans'. In the meantime, the aliens used their 'humans' for breeding, experiments, slaves, or pets. So, they bred us, they taught us. Being so much similar to us, perhaps only more evolved, they intermingled our DNA with theirs so that we may evolve faster than they did so many millions of years ago, on their home planet.

Love, Rev. Jaymz G.E.D.

Nurture your spirit/mind!

Man is a spiritual being, I promise you. Nurture your spirit, enrich your well-being. Take at least 15 minutes a day and get comfortable, make yourself aware of your body and it's inner-workings. Meditate on your desires and your dreams. Be introspective and find what it is you want to do most; find out what it takes to make you happy, and DO IT! The Nike company said it right: "Just do it!" Seriously, if you just take time to make yourself happy, you'll feel complete. Then, and only then, will you be able to truly make a real and perceptible difference in the world around you.

Love, Rev. Jaymz

Universal love

If we continue beyond the withering and death of our mortal shells, then the most reasonable conclusion would be that we live many lives. To live one life and then be fixed and frozen in position for eternity would not only be cruel, it would also be absurd and a waste of life-force.

If one lives again in the future, then the logical conclusion is that one has lived before as well and that some mechanism interferes with the recollection of it.

If we are immortal spirits, then there are only two possibilities, namely that we are creations, set upon our road like clockwork toys by a greater being, or that we are parts of the creator.

The shadows of creative power that remain to us, rather music or paintings or stories, show that we do have capabilities of creation. And the projection of our own realities within our dreams show that this creativity can be extended to the creation of material forms from nothingness.

If we create, then we are creators rather than creations. This implies that we are fragments or mirror images of God, portions of His consciousness which are trapped within the created universe.

If God made man in his own image, then that image would be bodiless, for how could God be locked within a body. And that image would be capable of creating because the matter and energy within the universe does not create itself.

Before all creations, there can only be nothingness. Therefore, God must be a nothingness with the power to conceive and create. This implies that at basic there is no personality for there would be no context in which a personality could manifest. So let us put aside all personification of God and instead refer to an infinite nothingness with the potential for infinite creation.

And as shadows or fragments or children of God, we too would each be a nothingness of infinite potential, striving to create and engaging in an exchange of creations.

And our decay, at basic, would consist of denials of our true nature. Decisions to not create, not to experience, not to perceive, and not to communicate; Denials of responsibility and causation. And by our very nature, no blockage would succeed unless we ourselves created it.

Love, Rev.Jaymz G.E.D.

ShineOn1980  (over 5 years ago)

That is honestly the most "true" thing I have ever read. Beautiful

Wisdom from Bill Hicks

"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We're all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is but a dream. And we are the imagination of ourselves." - Bill Hicks