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season of songs

the temperature is dropping. it's getting cold. another chilly autumn in switzerland, and i love it. i grew up on the east coast of the US, about 40 miles north of boston, close to the atlantic ocean. i loved my childhood, and one of my favorite times was autumn. i felt joy as the leaves blew down the street with me as i walked home from school. one of my favorite things to do was run through neighbors' piles of neatly raked leaves, swishing and flinging them everywhere. rake up a big pile of leaves in my own yard and jump in. bury myself and feel the earth all around me. having lived a large part of my life in southern california, where the sun was fine, the air always warm and the trees stayed mainly green, i do love living once again in a land of seasons. this brings inspiration in the way of the temperature, the gusts of wind, the feeling in the air. this crisp, cold, autumn weather is waking up some song inspiration for me, and i'm grateful. like swirling leaves, lifting and shifting, some shiny and red, some brown and leathery... taken briskly away on the cold wind then blown back into my eyes, the songs are coming. a song about a hawk. a song about a woman whose son and boyfriend are swept away by a natural disaster. a song about what it might feel like to no longer be alive. a song about getting back on track. they're coming, steadily. like the seasons. thank you for staying with me and for your support, friends. i love you all. ♥ beth

family visits and summer swings with gigs!

It's almost summer and i am soooo looking forward to a visit here in Switzerland from my dear sister from Boston. she is bringing her bestie (best friend), and we three ladies have some FUN plans!! so for now, i gear up for their visit and our little vacation by WORKING!!! reaching out for more shows, booking shows, excited for summer shows!! singing with Kurt Frei (from Switzerland's best country band, Two Rocks Band) on July 5th and August 7th. we are called 'Steel Art'. Kurt plays pedal steel guitar to my acoustic guitar and voice. we appear at St. Luzisteig Country Nights Festival on July 5th and in Unterägeri, Switzerland on August 7th. also singing with Suzie Candell these days, of Suzie Candell & The Screwdrivers. Suzie is a lovely and talented, country singer-songwriter from Germany, living not far from me in Switzerland. Suzie and i have gigs together on July 4th in Chur, Switzerland, and i sing harmonies for her on July 10th, in Vaduz, Liechtenstein! we have a sweet sound together, i do love it. for more info, see my 'Tour' page here on the website. also singing with Harry Marte, the wonderful, Austrian yet SO Americana-styled singer-songwriter from just across the Rhein River. we have special harmonies that remind me of part X (John Doe & Exene Cervenka) and part Carter/Cash. :) i sing harmonies with his full band, Big Pit, from time to time, and with Harry in trio as 'Harry Marte & Li'l Pit' with bass-master Claude Meier from Zürich. again, check 'Tour' for the where and when information. meanwhile i have many solo gigs as well! and i am just back from Como Italy where i played three shows with my good friend, the talented guitar player and hand-made creator of instruments, Luka Zotti. fantastic time with Luka, always! we play again together in October (dates to be announced) and in November. such a GOOD, musical life!! i am so grateful, and having a wonderful time. and it's all possible because of the loving support of my wonderful husband, Pascal. ♥♥ and the fuzzy sweet needs of my adorable, good-loving cats. the fact i must feed them inspires me to sing more! ;) good cat food is expensive these days -- especially in Switzerland. thanks for reading! lots of love, beth

hopping off to holland

So, i am getting ready to fly to Amsterdam this friday! i am excited. i love The Netherlands - such a great, little, friendly-people-filled, colorful, warm, cloudy, canal-filled, beautiful when sunny, music-loving, flower-filled country. always so much to do to prepare for even a small trip, and this time is no exception. but, thought i would take a moment to type to you that i am excited, happy that i have this great job, happy that i have friends and fans in The Netherlands, and happy i have the time and health and ability to GO, have fun, meet friends, play songs, earn a living, and travel at the same time. i am a lucky girl. :) see you soon, lovely Holland. please smile some sunshine on me as i get lost in your landscape. i play three shows - in Boskoop, Saturday evening... in Ter Aar Sunday afternoon, and in Amsterdam Monday evening. please see the www.bethwimmer.com/events page for details. Thanks, Peace, Love, Balance... beth

dreaming, living, singing

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Horse.

i hope you are finding new playfulness and perfect balance in this new, juicy year. hopefully January provided you with some good practice or at least a head start.

i had a dream this morning that Marcus Mumford, of the band Mumford and Sons, was falling in love with me. i was in a serene and thoughtful space. he brushed my cheek with his fingertips. i must say, it was...dreamy. it felt pretty special.

and life can be dreamy. it can also be lonely, sad and worrying... ah, but it is still dreamy!

i welcome my dreams into my reality. the musical dreams, the healthy ones, the love dreams. i see myself as balanced, well, creative, loved. so i practice being those things - with communication, writing, appreciating art, yoga, organization, seeing the beauty in people, walking in the sun... i let all that good stuff in and welcome it into my subconscious when i sleep. :) doesn't that sound like a good plan!? i think so.

this year i continue my dream of singing.

new songs visit me. i practice singing with a heart full of gratitude. and i have started to sing harmonies with a captivating, intense, yet funny and deep singer-songwriter, Harry Marte. Harry, from Austria, has a compelling band called Harry Marte & Big Pit. www.big-pit.com go have a look and a listen, they are wicked good.

and what is thrilling is that Harry has asked me to sing in his new trio, Harry Marte & L'il Pit. You can find two recent videos we made to introduce our songs on Youtube: Harry Marte & L'il Pit -- Minds of Steel, Bodies of Flesh and Roaming. hope you enjoy!

please have a look at my Tour Dates -- we'll be live in concert in April in Zürich, and adding more dates of course.

also coming soon is a new duo, with Kurt Frei and myself. Kurt Frei, with his deep, perfectly twanged pitch, plays in Switzerland's best Country Band, Two Rocks. Kurt and i are cooking up a pedal steel guitar/acoustic guitar/vocal harmony specialty together. ich freue mich. :)

sing, sing, sing! every day, sing something. it's good for your bones. :)

thanks for reading me! Love, beth

i am always home.

my heart is home. i am at home in my body.

i was born in new york state, but i seem to have only one memory of home there. a fuzzy view from the stairs--our cat catching a mouse in the kitchen. when i was about 2 years old i was moved to Haverhill, Massachusetts. i grew up there with lots of voices, older siblings, dogs, cats, grass, trees to climb, streams, bicycles, toys and love. we were not wealthy but we had enough and this...was a real home. because my mother worked, as a young child i spent my mornings, before the kindergarten VW Bus came to pick me up, just down the street at the kind neighbors' house. i was given cereal for breakfast, a place at the warm, family kitchen table, the cereal box to read, and was made to feel right at home. sometimes i slept at my grandparents' house in amesbury, massachusetts, just up the street from a shimmering lake. my grandparents' humor, obvious affection for each other, love for funny TV shows, and the smell of toast and tea put me at ease and i felt at home. as a girl and teenager, i visited my father and stepmother in chicago and in southern california, year after year, summer after summer. i felt very much at home with their displays of love and caring touches in their beautiful houses, sharing their home cooked meals and swimming in their sunlit swimming pool. i moved my life to california at 18 years old. i was welcomed and given help for my new roots by my sister, my brother, my father and stepmother, and some family friends. i made many kind and loving, new friends straightaway. soon, and for many years to come, i felt more at home than ever as i grew into myself and my heart and roots grew with me. california would be my beloved home for most of my adult life. till now. five and a half years ago i went to switzerland for a month-long gig in a hotel in st moritz. while it was nothing like any home i'd ever felt before, of course i made myself as comfortable as possible. and on my third night of visiting this beautiful place, at my gig i met my future husband. he showed me around and shared with me the beauty of the region and his love for his country. and when he told me he wanted me on his side day and night, all the time, and that his home was grey without me, i knew i'd found a new home. now the rhein valley in switzerland, with mountains rising all around us, fields spread out before us, and my man and our two cats and our modest apartment, is my new and beloved home. it is truly my place and i am already looking forward to returning home. but for 8 days i'll stay at my mom's house, my childhood home, in my hometown. and i am so grateful and feel blessed that my mother, my sisters and my friends, once again, will share their lovely homes with me. my heart may twinge as it feels the long lost memories. sometimes it might feel bittersweet. but i am at home wherever i am because thankfully my soul is at home alongside my heart inside my body with my mind, my memories, my love for my people, and my gratitude for being alive. Happy Thanksgiving from New England, USA! here's to your health! and to being at home, wherever you are. Peace, beth

sugarpie8  (over 4 years ago)

Home and our blessings live in our heart. We take them everywhere. Beautifully written.

catching up with friends. summer, part 1...

Dear Friends and Family,

i pray this note finds you well. hope you and your loved ones are enjoying the summer with grace, health and success.

here, the seemingly never-ending cold and rainy spring days slowly turned into basking hot summer days. friends came to visit, road trips were made, gigs were played, and an all too short visit to the states ensued... the weeks and months have swept by sweetly and swiftly.

a bit of music news, my song "I Couldn't Do It", on my feelings on being a soldier, is #59 (of 3,569 songs) on Neil Young's Living With War Today website, in the Songs Of The Times section: www.neilyoung.com/lwwtoday/lwwsongspage.html please give a listen to mine and the many other fine songs there. my friend Carrie Wade's song, Broken Soldier, is around #130. Neil Young's website is brutally honest, informative and timely. "I Couldn't Do It" is from my 2008 album Miracle Girl, produced by my dear friend, the uniquely wonderful and talented David Raven.

my 2011 album Ghosts & Men continues to receive airplay on Swiss, UK, Dutch and Italian radio stations. i am thinking of recording again...soon. :)

this summer i have lots of shows, all over Switzerland and and Italy. i play solo, in duo and trio and i just adore the band-mates i've found. :) have a look at my Play Dates if you're curious or if you know someone who'll be in Switzerland this summer. next year i'll be touring in Holland again - some dates in April are already on the calendar.

at August's end, my long time friend, the excellent Piedmont Blues style singer-songwriter, Jon Shain, is coming to Europe to tour in support of his new album, Ordinary Cats! we'll play some shows together which will be wonderful as we haven't sung together in about...ok, more than 20 years. ;) Jon and i were in a band for about a week when we were 13 years old. :) in fact, when we were just teenagers, he gave me my first microphone, as a gift. :) www.JonShain.com

so friends -- continue to enjoy the summer. be well. keep yourself feeling good.

Peace, beth

Neil Young's 'Living With War Today' Website

i just submitted my song 'I Couldn't Do It' to Neil Young's website, Living With War Today, for their 'Songs of the Times' playlist.

this a truly great website, brought forth from Neil Young's compassion for Veterans and humanity, and his grieving of lives lost and life ruined by war. filled with timely information and soul.

'I Couldn't Do It' is not a protest song, it is a song that has compassion and awe for the Soldier - and humanity - written by a anti-war, peace-loving singer-songwriter, myself, from California now living in Switzerland.

'I Couldn't Do It' is currently cued up at the top of my song list and ready to hear on my Songs page at www.BethWimmer.com/songs

i hope you like it.

You can submit your protest song or topical song to Living With War Today and be part of this conscious community with your music.

Shine on, beth

'I Couldn't Do It' Words & Music by Beth Wimmer, ©2008 vocals and acoustic guitar, Beth Wimmer drums and vocals, David Raven bass, Taras Prodaniuk electric guitars, Billy Watts Produced by David Raven & Beth Wimmer

LYRICS: I Couldn't Do It Beth Wimmer ©2008 from the album Miracle Girl

Sometimes I think i should trade in my life give up my dreams for a cause much greater than this I don't know but maybe the soldiers that go got more Passion in their toes than i have in my finest Kiss

I wanna know... how it feels for you to give up your rights... and fight where they tell you to

Chorus: But I Couldn't Do It do what you done it takes crazy courage it takes brave Blood

I can't imagine fighting in war i got my causes but only one of them worth dying for we're all the same but we change at the core i guess it depends on the ends of the Earth you were born

I wanna know... how it feels for you to give up your rights... and kill who they tell you to

Chorus: But I Couldn't Do It do what you done it takes crazy courage it takes brave blood

I Couldn't Do It kill with a gun you couldn't count on me i'd turn and run

I wanna know... how it feels for you to give up your Life... and die when they tell you to

Chorus: But I Couldn't Do It do what you done it takes crazy courage it takes brave blood

I Couldn't Do It kill with a gun you couldn't count on me i'd turn and run

Springsteen Dream!

YAY! i had the coolest dream about Bruce Springsteen and me this morning!

i was looking around in a store on 3rd Street Promenade, in Santa Monica, California. like a Pottery Barn type store. people started noticing that Bruce Springsteen was in there, shoppin' around. i found ourselves looking at the same pillows as Bruce. i was humming a song. he looked at me and smiled. i decided to tell him that i could sing some of the best harmonies on his songs that he could imagine. he laughed, a bit shyly. i said, no, really. just for fun, try me. he turned and asked his friend or assistant to "play somethin'. play Marry You" (as in, Little Girl I Wanna Marry You). at once the song came on over the store's stereo system. i jumped in with a simple, perfect harmony right from the first line (not wanting to waste time.) Bruce smiled and nodded. the song suddenly stopped playing, but the customers in the store were still laughing and excited. Bruce then turned and walked toward the cashier. i started singing something a capella, enjoying the moment. the customers were smiling. i left the store and saw Bruce putting his purchases into his 4x4 as i was walking by. he looked in my direction and said, hey, nice! i said thanks. i said, sing anything at all and i'll jump in with a harmony. just for fun. i would love to sing with you. so he did (i can't remember which song) and i did. we both laughed a bit. he looked me in the eyes and said, OK, how can i contact you, what's your name, what's your number? i gave him my card and we started to talk about a rehearsal.....then i woke up.

we're feeling groovy in the new year

Happy New Year Everyone!!

i deeply wish, wish, wish all things good, healthy and beautiful for you, my friends, family, fans, readers -- and for your friends, family, fans and readers. may the joy and good luck spread ten- and twenty-fold around the globe!

honestly, our new year started off shaky. my husband and i moved to a new region in Switzerland as we wanted a change from mountain living in St Moritz, and because my man got a nifty, new job about 2 hours away from St Moritz, in the Rhine Valley. we were so happy with our move--our new home and new neighborhood (and still are!) when suddenly, my man's new job fell through. no work. nada. nyet. nothing. nichts. we celebrated the holidays in a modest, very down to earth way. really the best way to celebrate life anyway.

but with patience, acceptance, faith AND action, things are looking up! Pascal has a new job that he's excited about. one where he can shine, use his skills and charm, have fun, make people happy AND make money. BARTENDER! :) well, more than a bartender, he's the new manager of a lovely, rustic bar & grill and he's very happy with the new conditions. and his happiness is my happiness.

as for me, i was able to book 6 new shows in Switzerland for 2013, just in the past 3 days! i love it when that happens. with this momentum i may just surpass the 100 shows that i played last year! i'm so excited and grateful to live in a lovely region in a beautiful country where i can make music for a living. thank you, my family, fans, venues, bookers, band-mates, colleagues and friends for your continuous support and encouragement.

May you SHINE this year. find your thing, love your thing, work your thing! :)

Love ~ Peace ~ beth

fall in our new home

hello friends!

big changes in my physycal world...

i have always wanted to post photos in my blog on my official website, www.bethwimmer.com/news. i finally figured out how to do it, but they are huger than HUGE!! hmmm.... well, hope you like them huge. they are of our new neighborhood, looking north and north-west, respectively, on a lovely fall day.

for more fun photos please see my official facebook page: www.facebook.com/bethsongs

so my husband, two cats and i just moved to a new neighborhood and region in Switzerland. we're now in Fruemsen, in Canton St. Gallen. just below are a couple photos of our very lovely, peaceful new environment, taken last week... now the rest of the leaves have fallen, the rain has come and turned to snow. weather forecast looks like snow most of this coming week! but here we don't feel so isolated as we did before--perhaps it's the neighbors and the neighborhood. we are in a small village with a small winding road going through it. not much in this village: a bakery, a market, lots of farms and quaint houses. and friendly people. :) our apartment building is not old and quaint, but it's good and proper. 10 units inside. it's located, like most of the homes around here, on that main road. we have tractors with dogs hangin' out on the back lift, farm trucks, scooters, bicyclists and of course cars going by. otherwise it's quiet and peaceful around here with beautiful, country views in every direction and the Alps off in the distance. the mountains are very close on the north side of our home! very majestic and beautiful! we watch real neighborhood, farm-like scenes: the German Shepherd kennel across the street, the elderly man in another house across the street doing things in his yard every day, kids bouncing and biking by, grandmothers pushing their grandbabies in strollers, three little pigs running 'round in a field south of us... there's a grape vineyard across the street with a hike you can do from this vineyard to 2 more vineyards in the next town--and even taste some wine. very sweet.

from our south-facing balcony we have a spectacular view from east to west across the Rhein Valley -- farms and little houses, trees, fields with cows, pigs, sheep, goats, a small babbling brook. it's really pretty. this morning i watched two hawks circle each other and raise and dip on the wind on their search for something tantalizing for breakfast.

taking the road in either direction we come to slightly larger towns with more markets, hardware stores, veterinarian, cafes, bars, a flea market every Saturday, schools, churches, etc... about 14 minutes drive from here is the city of Buchs. really nice little city/town, with second-hand stores, nice food markets and clothes and souvenir shopping, commercial shopping, live music, restaurants & bars, a small movie theatre (i have never been to the movies in Switzerland), bowling, and an old castle, Schloss Werdenberg, in the old village by a small lake with swans, ducks and wild birds...

it tends to be foggy here. i hope i'll get used to that. i do love my sunny days. but the foggy ones have made me appreciate the sunny ones that much more. and the summers here will be longer and warmer and sunnier than they were in St Moritz. i'm looking forward to that!

our apartment is lovely--lots of space, big, bright, airy rooms. we're enjoying spreading out! and our kitties are adjusting well and seem to like it too!

i look forward to and welcome the continued inspiration in my life. and the quiet. i feel very blessed, and as always, very lucky.

Happy Holy-days, Peace~ beth