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Blues With A Smile

They call him doc Love

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http://www.bostonblues.com/features.php?key=cdMiller-Smile Biscuit Miller Blues with a Smile Blue Bass Entertainment By Lady K December 2012 You gotta love a blues-man with the name Biscuit Miller, and you gotta love him more when he names a CD Blues with a Smile – proof of the title comes from his pic on the cover; Biscuit’s got a killer blues smile. Turns out this CD delivers what the title promises: Biscuit’s blues: they’re gonna make ya smile.

As a rule, Lady K likes to name names when she writes about a new CD, but Biscuit used way too many players to list here. Potential listeners should make note that all 12 tracks on Blues with a Smile were written by Mr. Biscuit Miller, who is also the lead vocalist and bass player. All of the other music makers are listed in the liner notes.

The very first track, slow-ish, smooth and bluesy, entitled “Belly Up Some Blues,” is definitely a keeper. Every blues lover has caved to the need to hear some good blues music, and to seek out a venue to find that blues music. Biscuit sings “The night is young, we’re ready to have some fun, tell the DJ to play some low-down blues, so we can ‘belly up some blues.” The story behind “Sleepin’ in the Dog House” pretty much speaks for itself; it’s an up-tempo fun tune about the drawbacks of coming home to his lady a bit late (like quarter of 4 in the AM). He’s locked out, told to go ‘round back and sleep with his best friend. Fair enough.

“Walk with Your Baby” is a swing-y tune with emphasis on some terrific guitar work, and lists all kinds of good things to do in the park while walkin’ with his baby: hold hands, roller-skate, kiss – all good clean fun. More love-stuff in “Blow A Kiss” – a love song, slow, sexy and romantic. “Willie D” is special: an ode to the ultimate blues-man, Willie Dixon (“Willie D, Willie D, you mean the world to me” – to all of us!).

The 7th track is an upbeat, almost hip-hop tune with some cool brass solos, and another look at Biscuit’s sense of humor. People that steal because they are too lazy to get a job: “Boneheads,” people who take someone on a date and ask them to pay; “Boneheads,” people who want to roll with the crowd, walkin’ round town with their pants half down; “Boneheads.” Yeah, guess what the title of the tune is.

Biscuit also wrote a tune honoring the neighborhood doc. They “Call Him Doctor Love” because he “likes to make you feel alright.” Doctor Love “got this potion #69 – it’ll have you makin’ love from sundown to sunrise.” So when you’ve got a problem, call the good doctor; and if he hasn’t got the remedy, he’ll send over Nurse Goodbody! Yikes.

Redemption may come from “Sing For the People,” which has a gospel/go-to-meeting feel and tempo – you’ll want to be clapping and swaying and shouting “amen” (‘specially after what you’ve been thinking about Doctor Love). “Blues with a Smile” - for sure.

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A letter I receive from a fan

Dr. Love!!!!

Thought you might enjoy the following for your photo collection. Thank you for entertainment that was mountains above anything I have heard in a long while. Biscuit Miller and the Mix put on a memory making, heart pounding, foot stompin’ hand clappin’ good time and I thank you all for a night filled with good fun, good dancing, good people and a party that will long be remembered!!


Oh What A Night !!!

The party was jumping at Paradise Bar & Grill. Not only was the place packed,But Biscuit Miller & The Mix was Electrify. Biscuit rise to the Top. Dr Love Love potion #69 Hit the spot.Sir-Mix-A-Lot addition the flavor. And KB came with some Sweet Potatoe Pie.And with special guest in the house Shawn Kellerman,Blaze & Joseph Veloz They put the word to the Mother on thang. Please Fans,You will catch this show Again!!! Shawn,Blaze,Joe,Let's Work. And Too all my Family & Fans See U in your town. Till Next Time. The Doctor Love Show.


I can't wait to see,Renee Mack,Dawn Lockwood,Lindsey Stanley,Justin Headley,Jen Flanigan,Lyric,Shawn Kellerman,Blaze,and my best friend Joseph Veloz and all the staff at Paradise Beach Bar & Grill,Pensacola Beach,Fl.For the next three days This beach is going to be Rockin.