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Wats gooin on fellow Mobsters...im feelin like 2011 gone b a great year, all the plays are in set for a touchdown..Main focus right now is gettin this studio up and runnin..i also have alot of other ventures in mind so keep up with me now and then MOBBOUT

IM Home!!

Finally bak the roots..i repeat ya boi is bak in Jerz...any producers lookin for a great artist to sync wit holla at me.. Im tryna put together the crew for me and Sinecals video O GOD 2 be on the look out for that..as always love u all the Fans are much appreciated.

New Era

Hows everybody doing..jus posted a new song i wanted to play around wit, let me no watcha thnk BMF..Getting for a big move bak to jersey i've been real busy. MOBB fam got alot of things to come, hope ur all aboard 4 it..THanxx 4 the support!!

ThIs Is It!!! pt1

Wats goin on people...wrkin hard as usual i knocked out a couple new songs for the upcoming album...i had to change the name because i did my research and someone has it but wat i came up with u shud like....im headed Bak to NC this weekend to finish up the Duo mixtape 25HRS whih will be released JULY 4th!!! be on the lookout u neva know when u might get 1 of these classics sold to u..definatley a summer classic...on another note my free mixtape the taste test shud b out maybe this fall so recklass. Thanks for all ur support and keep continuing to support Love Ya!!

The Real COC

I was in the studio this past weekend and i did my first ever song with a Band they r called The REAL COC a phenominal band if i might say....we also r wrkin on smthn for the album cuz i want to have as many goodies on there as possible..thanxx for all ur support and as always i wudnt b me without u!!

Here and Now

Been gone for a minute but not without progress..Ive been makin trips shakin hands and lookin for oppurtunites..As of now im doing a mixtape with up incoming artist Sinecal we already got some crazy bangers so b on the look out for that especially the phenominal joint BLOW AWAY!! i have also been reaching out to some local bands thnkn bout doin some crossover stuff tryna get my hand in every pot ya dig...thanx for being supportive and bieng great fanz, ill keep u posted.

Tuff Week

Its been a real tuff week for ya boy reverb fam but ya boy is gone make it thru...I just wrote a new song because im wrkin on the album but i really thnk this can be a hit and when i take off all of you who supported are comin with me...so thanx as usual for being there reverb fam!!!

My Night

I had a great night last night didnt go as planned but ya boy did his thing...all the while thinkin bout my Reverb Family each and everyone of u was there in spirit...did a lil networking i met DJ Supreme, Mr. World Famous, and a couple of other great figures, so i guess im on my way up in this thng called rap but not without u giving me a boost of course...Thanx 4 everythng MOBB OUT


Wats Mobbin...wrkin hard as usual im planning to put a few songs from the mixtape on the site by next week. Kepp a eye out on those...The Taste Test enjoy!!

New Management

I hire my first manager this week his name is Cha Reid. I have none him for a while and believes he is the perfect guy for the job. Tho young i believe he will grow with me and any other artist he manages. You should have seen us the other day in the room watching industry videos, gotta no wat your getting into right ;^)...well fans this is all for now and as always MOBB OUT!!