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Poljubi and Croatian Airplay.

'Poljubi (Na Na Na)' continues to be playlisted on Croatian Radio. The video is currently the 'featured video' on Croatia Week (a Croatian news portal in English) and has been featured there for the past 3 weeks. Interviews with several radio stations have been conducted. Enquiries about a possible tour to Croatia next summer (2016) have been received. It's all good! More news as it arrives :-)

Naked Natives and Abbey Road Studios

My my my ... doesn't that sound great. Naked Natives and Abbey Road Studios.

Back in 1994 I paid Abbey Road studios a visit before doing the famous crossing. It was a real vibe being there. After writing on their front wall, where thousands of fans did the same thing, I walked into the reception area asking if I could take a peek at one of the studios. The answer was a flat 'No'.

I tried to persuade the 'receptionist' only to get told that if I don't leave, security would be called. I left ;-)

Anyway, coming back to Naked Natives. Abbey Road Studios, in conjunction with AVID, have launched a Song Contest with the winner getting a complete re-mix done at the famous studio. Pro Tools is also part of the prize.

I'd really like that so I entered 'Polish The Sky'. You can 'support' it here: http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/abb957dcb2bed6c153e556e1c583902c/900

Please follow the link and pledge your support. I would greatly appreciate it. If you do, please follow the process completely to the end where you are prompted to leave a comment. (You don't have to leave a comment if you don't wanna)

Take care ... wishing you love and light.


Naked Natives on Reverbnation Charts


I'm pleased to announce that Naked Natives have made it to No 1 on the Reverbnation Pop Charts for Durban and No 6 on the Reverbnation National Charts for South Africa. Naked Natives had been sitting at No 4 on the Local Charts for ages and were hovering in the mid-30's on the National Charts. Quite a substantial jump.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if some buckeroonies came along with this status?? Anyway, Happy 2013 to you :-)

Tomislav. (Naked Natives)

Wanda Washburn and Studio

Trusty Wanda has been undergoing 'cosmetic' adjustments and I believe she is ready for collection!

This is great news in more ways than one. Having Wanda back with a new realigned action is sure to be a pleasure. The surgeon, Dave THE axe Workshop manskilledtechnician, made the pain easier to bear. In the absence of Wanda I was given Ovi the Ovation - totally delightful!

So studio time looms again ... what to record is the question. "JuJu and The Shower Man" or "Shoo Bee Do Wah" ?? Politcal commentary or smooth pop song??

Europe is freezing ... Southern Africa is boiling


Bubble Session

Whoopee .. I just love going into the studio - I love the smell amongst other things :-) Studio time is here again and we'll be recording a new song called 'Bubbles'. A light and airy song it is with a groovy rhythm. (I never know if I'm spelling that word right ... rhythm. Looks ok to me) This is the 2nd song Trace Minch and I have composed, the other being Boomerang Love. I so look forward to getting it down ... watch this space! :-)

Uh oh ...

Uh oh ;-) I haven't blogged for some time now. Might have something to do with the missing mixes. I honestly believe that life unfolds as it must and therefore trust I have not received the final mixes of 'Strawberry' and 'Boomerang' for a reason. (I can think of lots of reasons .. some not very flattering)

Anyway, the un-mixed version of 'Strawberry' has been posted. I've called it the "Fruity Loop Mix". I just love it when I come up with good names :-) after all, it is kinda loopy da loop and although it's not my favourite song, I do have a soft spot for it. Cute hey?!

Life unfolds as it must .. there is a bigger picture so why stress (?) everything is going according to plan.


...sss ...



I'm happy Happy Aitch Ay Pee Pee Why I'm happy Happy I'm a happy guy

Happiness Is my new name Happiness Is my game Happiness A state of bliss I hope you Feel the same

I'm happy Happy Aitch Ay Pee Pee Why I'm happy Happy I'm a happy guy

(T Svorinic)

Tracey Vickers
Tracey Vickers  (about 7 years ago)

"I'm 'a' happy" .. You're happy .. We're all happy :-)

Studio Blah

Still no sign or indication of 'studio time' availability. It's like having an itch and not being able to scratch it.It's not unlike the story of Frank who looked at the table hardly daring to look at the table ;-) This is the Frank that looked at the clock and found his mother's very heavy chair. So, for now it's .. blah blay blah in C major. (remember ... there are no flies on Frank!)

The Strawberry Song

On the eve of going into the studio with The Strawberry Song, I had another listen to the re-mix of Purple.

I wasn't so keen on it at first but guess what, I like it. I like it enough to have posted it at ReverbNation.

The whole track sounds brighter. A new guitar track has been added as well as a new drum track. Have a listen ....

I look forward to The Strawberry Song tomimorrow ... a dainty rock/reggae ditty :-)