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Sherbet .. took a drop on the charts. It's OK ... SHOUT! took 1st spot from nowhere. A safer South Africa and ek stem saam!

Naked Natives _ The Name

The name Naked Natives has absolutely nothing to do with colour, creed or gender! So many people see the name and imagine black nubile nymphs or something of the like.

This is how the name came about ...

I was driving along the highway in 1995 one summery day somewhere in Johannesburg and was thinking of a (great) new name for a band. It had to be evocative and something that made people think.

Since I love alliteration, I decided it had to be somewhere along the lines of 'Blue Belly Beans' (just made that up) or 'Dear Diary' (Rudi Ragdoll came up with that one .. cool name)

To cut a long story sideways, I decided on 'Naked Natives'.

'Naked Natives' ... how NAKED are we ... us all, NATIVES of planet Earth. Lekker! That was it!

Have you ever seen a pic of our planet from outer space? (of course you have). Golly, any rock the size of Texas (or smaller) could come hurtling down and we would all most certainly be done!! That's how naked we are ...

Therefore, we are all NAKED NATIVES. Exposed to the ever expanding and loving (sometimes I wonder) Universe.



Tracey Vickers
Tracey Vickers  (over 7 years ago)

That's how the name first touched me as I read ...
'Naked Natives'.
"In the beginning... Inception!"... :-)
The album cover with baby & mother earth confirms this.
"I can see clearly now" :-)

All I really want ...

It's the 1st of November (2010) and all I really want to do is to make a hard copy of the music swirling around in my head before I go ...

Whether it's good or bad does not matter.

I am fortunate and truly grateful to be working with Nux Schwartz - a F%*king genius!

So, until tomimorrow ... (tomorrow never comes so we'll call it tomimorrow) ... .

love t :-) x

Purple Lyric

Some people (not too many tho) have expressed their discomfort regarding a lyric in the 'middle 8' of PURPLE.

Apparently, the most natural thing people do when they are in love (or infatuated without each other) makes them feel uncomfortable!

I've been asked to change the line and I've even been given a suggestion as to how I should change it.

The offending line is: "The only thing that moved was me inside you"

What do you think? Is this line offensive? Do you think it needs to be changed?

It needs to be said ...

So, it needs to be said that my self-appointed agent/manager in Los Angeles has gone totally goo-goo over Purple. (she loved Polish The Sky too). Thank you! You are a star Catherine. I am deeply grateful for your efforts. It also needs to be said that this new 'spike' in my musical activity is not a renewed attempt to become famous or any of that crap. Since the release of the Naked Natives 2000 album, I have consistently been writing songs and righting wrongs. This, however, never led me to the studio - an environment I love - and subsequently, I've had very little to show (in music terms) over the past 10 years. I'm doing this for me ... I like what I'm doing and if anybody else likes it too then YAY!, that's great! At the end of the day, it's for me. I'm doing this for me. It may sound selfish but it's not. I want to record the music in my head - to clear my head that keeps filling up with ideas and to listen back and say, "hey, I thought of that. Isn't it great?" My resurgence started with Pedro Carlo's search for a song to celebrate Splashy Fen's 20th Anniversary. That's how 'Polish the Sky' came about. I am grateful to have worked with a truly talented lyricist in Doris Nadler (she gave me some good ideas for melody too) and a genius producer in Nux Schwartz. Without them, 'Polish the Sky' would not be. So, it needs to be said ... I'm doing this for me AND if you like it then I'm glad. PS look out for 'The Strawberry Song (Love is Real)' coming soon to an internet connection close to you :-)

Naked Natives
Naked Natives  (over 7 years ago)

golly ... I keep repeating the fact that 'it's for me' ha ha ha ha ha .. well, it is ;-)

New Mix Not Better

As has happened so many times before, a re-mix is not necessarily better. After listening to the new, anxiously anticipated, new mix; I realised that the original mix was the one to stick with. There has generally been a favourable response to PURPLE and one not so favourable. In fact, not only did the reviewer give the song an out-right NO, she went on to dislike practically every other song I have posted here on ReverbNation. :-) It's OK ... we live in a world of duality - one has to get 'dislikes' to get 'likes'.

Purple Mix

Producer Nux called last night to say the final mix of PURPLE is done. I look forward to hearing it especially since the drum track was completely re-done and some of the guitar tracks enhanced. When I wrote the song, PURPLE was originally called 'Song for Carin'.To de-personalise the song further, I changed one lyric. However, when all is said and done, PURPLE is still a song I wrote for Carin. Her nickname was/is Purple.

New Sessions

New recording sessions are well under way with producer, friend and fellow native, Nux Schwartz.

The 2nd track, PURPLE, is the perfect follow up to POLISH THE SKY and is sounding fab! The track has been fully recorded with only the final mix to be completed.

Naked Natives has decided to take on a gentler, smoother and more acoustic sound with the new set of songs as opposed to the 'hardish' rock sound from the 2000 album.

The 3rd track, LOVE IS REAL (aka The Strawberry Song), is arranged and ready to be recorded.