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The Anti-House is moving! We're getting an upgrade. We've been looking for the perfect spot for a little over a year but we've finally found it. Now for the fun part. Moving. As soon as we're done with that we're hitting the highway. Time to spread this virus. What else? Oh yeah, we have another, "The Anti-Scene Presents..." coming for the fall!! maybe 2.

What Up!!

How you Rillas doin!! So its been a couple months since the last post. What have we been up to you ask? We'll we've been on the road a lot more this year and it's been fun. New cities + new fans = AWESOME! We've also found a DJ and we're pretty excited about what he's bringing to the music. We're coming to party bitches! What else....we're working on new music!! Get ready to hear some new Anti-Scene songs soon. We're getting that studio itch. Don't be surprised if you hear some collaborations. That's about it for now. Thanks to all you Rillas for being down with the Anti-Scene. Check out the calendar and come out to the next show. You can see Moe Rillas strip show. That's right.

Long Time

Been a whole two years since the last blog. A lot has happened since then. We self released our first 10 song album, "Wake Yo Bitch Ass Up" last year. The title is a little forward we know. But once you listen to it (if you have the balls) you'll understand. Anywho, we added another guitar player and working on the DJ right now. And we can't forget our man, Moe Rilla Gorilla. We've played tons of shows and made many good friends along the way. Our team has grown and so has our fan base. People are singing our songs with us now. That's Awesome!!! We're gonna keep giving you guys that weird music that you love and we love to play. We also have other projects for you. "II Skrewed vol.1 - Headboard Bangaz" is out right now (google it) and you can expect something else in August. Keeping it a secret.

Emos show on March the 9th!!!

I know it seems far away, but we need to get as many people to the Emos show on March the 9th as possible.The club is going to get us tickets to sell, and if we sell enough,we get 2 dollars for every ticket we sell.

First, get a core group of people together that come to all of your shows. This is going to be our Austin Anti-Scene Street Team. We need to get the girls to be downtown, the night of the concert telling people to come to Emos. Even if we have to buy a few tickets ourselves, and give them to people we know will come.

Second, have these guyz and girls beg, borrow, and deal to get as many people to the Emos show as possible. Lets do whatever it takes!

Third, we need to try to get some posters together for this show. Its important that we have something that we can have this show promoted downtown, on radio, on all of the sites we are on, and even stuff to hand out to people.

Give me some input on how we can promote this show coming up!

Hope for a promising future

Well, here we are.The band is ready to take Austin by storm. We need to get a street team together, get some more shows, get the press kits together. I know that our band is creating more a buzz around town and you never know, maybe we will land a show at SXSW.