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South Carolina Natives Dolla Dee and Sheezy Gohard show why there the next Hot Talent coming out the South with the single "Flexxin" from there upcoming mixtape "Gohard Or Die!!!!!!

Dream Chasing

Inspired by the passion that I have for music which drives my motivation over, under, and threw obstacles..........bitch don't kill my vibe I'm Dream Chasing

PreMeditated the Mixtape VOL.1 Hosted By Dubb Slimm



A hustler is someone who can grind in all aspects in life. A person who can flex his/her capibilities any way possible

New Year 2013

It's a New Year with new goals it's time to get things under wrap and close up this chapter In my music career


am·bi·tion /amˈbiSHən/ Noun

A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. Desire and determination to achieve success.


Consistency for success can be obtain by being consistent#GOH@RD


This be the realest shit i ever wrote/my truest words on paper play sponge and let it soak/-F*** the world