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The War Within is currently recording and demoing some of their newest songs. A Possible show with Rome In A Day is in the works

Website and SHOW!

our new website will be up next week!

You will be able to preview and purchase our brand new Studio 5 song EP

You will be able to purchase tickets directly from us for The State Theatre show in Falls Church VA!

Check us out and become a fan! and see you SEPT 11!!!!



We are currently writing TONS OF NEW MATERIAL and demoing it at the moment. come out to the shows to see the LIVE show!!

check out myspace.com/thewarwithinmusic

Stream Whole Album

Now you can listen to "The Change In Frequency" album online in full!!! and also download FREE "Where You Stand"

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New Band Coming soon

check out Fan Exclusive songs featuring our new singer Alli "Party When The Lights Go Out" demo and "Where You Stand" and "Time On Our Side" acoustic by Alli and JFork

first show back April 12th at TT Reynolds in Fairfax VA

Preview New Album

Come Back Down Dirty Girls Fragile Heart She Might Kill Time On Our Side We Are Today Where You Stand

ARE 7 out of 10 new songs off the NEW COBBLER album "The Change In Frequency"

Summer Release

We are now looking for our album to drop this Summer probably sometime in August. I know its been a long time coming I hope you all know we are still around and kickin, just waiting for this album to get out!!

Cobbler Album Mixing

Cobbler is still in the mixing process in Fairfax VA...we are expecting 10 songs to fill the album and are setting a tentitive release in June 07...

Today we heard the almost completed mix of Time On Our Side and it is sounding awesome!! We can't wait for this record to be completed and be able to share all our hard work with each and every one of you! thanks for being fans and continuing to support our efforts!


Vote at Musicnation.com

go to www.musicnation.com under MOST VIEWED in Rock category to vote for COBBLER'S music video for "Prove Me Wrong" voting starts JAN 29!! for a chance at an EPIC record deal


Cobbler's Next Studio Album Coming Soon!

Hello out there to all the fans, JFork here to tell you that Cobbler's next highly anticipated album is about show its face. All the guys are extremely excited to get this album released and show where we are at musically in our career at this moment. Expect a *NEW* 3 song demo to be sold at shows and expect new previews of the songs here, as well as on myspace.com/cobbler and purevolume.com/cobbler.

Don't forget to pick up a copy of our exsisting album "STARS CAUGHT FIRE" at the shows. The songs playing now on our player are straight from that album released in 2005.

Track Listing: Stars Caught Fire - Cobbler 2005 1. Tragedy 2. Push 3. Should Have Known 4. Prove Me Wrong 5. Nothing Left 6. Jennifer 7. Never Let You Down