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Hey guys! I have a new song! And its coming out soon!!! I'm so excited! Its called The Struggle and it was produced by the very talented Benny Reiner. Its coming out November 2013. For now, check out the sneak peek of it at the top of the page! xoxo


Haven't written a blog in a minute (ok more than a year). I just got back from LA - Venice Beach to be exact. I recorded backing vocals for Get Involved's new EP produced by the one and only Ross Robinson (Korn, At the Drive In, Glassjaw). It was such an incredible experience; intense, educational, mesmerizing, emotional, life-changing. rewarding, etc. I can't thank Todd, Derrick, Brian and the rest of the Get Involved crew enough for allowing me to be a part of it even for just a little while. Ross asked me after I finished recording if that was worth the flight and I said, just being here has been worth the flight, that was just icing.

Page Aly
Page Aly  (over 4 years ago)

I can't wait to hear their album. I'm so glad you had this opportunity. :)


Hey all! I'm a new artist with a debut EP coming out on March 22nd. I hope you'll watch my videos in anticipation for the release. Love, Kiirstin Marilyn