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New Video

We have a new video, check it out on our site.

New Years Eve

We will be playing at the Press Box New Years Eve. A first for the band

The Comox no longer hiring bands

Sad but true, the Comox can no longer afford live music. The bands just don't draw the crowd. It is so important that the three wheels of the business work in sync. The venues need to promote them selves in their neighbourhoods so everyone around them know they have bands, and who the bands are. The bands need to promote their gigs so fans and friends come out to support live music. The music needs to be compelling in order to earn the support. It is no longer an option to show up unrehearsed. Finally those people that love live music need to come out and show their support for live music and their favourite bands. Thank you to everyone at the Comox for their support. A great venue, in a great location. Hope to see you soon.

August 31 The Yale Video

Hey everyone we will be videoing and recording the entire show at the Yale August 31st. Looking forward to seeing you there

First Blog what do you want to blog about?

Blogging is great, the problem is I have no idea what to blog about! This is where you come in bloggers, please blog away.